About Me

열정 죽이긴 쉽다 맞지? 19세 감정으로 살아봐 이 겁쟁이들아

그리 두려워 하면 어떻게 한 발음도 걸겠나

네 자신을 믿고 그 폐션을 마음에 가둬눴고 

세상이 꿈을 흔들어도 계속 앞서나가 here we go


  • "The winner stands alone." - Paulo Coelho
  • "In the midst of every difficulty lies opportunity." - Albert Einstein
  • "There's always going to be another chance. Keep on trying, because that's how we all get there." 
  • "Everyone has a dream, whether they realize it or not. The problem is, there are so many people in this world; the chances are very high that someone else will have that same dream as you. That's why there are sadly, no "dream come trues". That's why, I can promise you, that behind almost every miracle, there is hard work, will power and determination behind it. Just because you have a dream doesn't mean it'll come true. You have to work for it."
  • "If even you can't believe in your ownself, how can you ever expect others to?" 

That's the cold hard truth, and sorry if your can't handle it. 


It ain't a habit, if you don't got it, you'll just never get it. 

It's a way of life. 

Smile, and go rock that world of yours that's been waiting for you. 



Is it bad that I would do anything to keep that precious smile on your face? 

It's hard to explain, but you mean so much more to me than you will ever know.

I want to be what you are to me, for others. 


You were born to conquer that stage. Now do it. 

And don't worry, because I'll always be here, with you <3