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“Summer heat is killing me! XD”


About Me

About me?
Simple girl who loves kpop...
Whenever I hear or watch a new song from my favorite kpop bands. I always rushed throught the laptop and download it.
Social sites addict..(especiallly Facebook,Twitter,Asianfanfics,YouTube,Cyworld and Me2day).
Yeah! I have those different accounts. I open them all everyday. New tabs always. :)
Gadget lover.
And a sporty girl.
Loves Taekwondo, Baseball, Volleyball, Badminton and Tennis.
Yep! I play them almost everyday!!! :)

Oh! And I got a new hobby of mine actually..
CAR RACING! Well, since I'm on a training mode, I can't update regularly anymore. Maybe next month since I'll be free by that time :))

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