Tentacles Fanfiction and Stories

Never Asked for This [M]

by what-if updated on
Tags: kai toys kyungsoo kaisoo kink tentacles
Chapters: 8 | Votes: 126 | Subscribers: 1140 | Comments: 190 |

Kyungsoo's life takes a turn for the worse, and it's all because of Kai.... Read More

Peculiar (Odd) [M] [Complete]

by bsce123 updated on
Tags: fantasy exo chanyeol kris krisyeol tentacles
Chapters: 3 | Votes: 20 | Subscribers: 103 | Views: 5040 | Comments: 22 |

Kris likes fantasy. He even imagined himself having supernatural powers. Kris is . He imagines himself doing weird things to pleasure himself. Kris is gay. He already knew his ... Read More

Touch Me Over Here [M]

by pandoraaaa updated on
Tags: exo luhan kinks luhanxeveryone tentacles
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 25 | Subscribers: 251 | Views: 2220 | Comments: 26 |

Meet Xiao Lu Han. Photography student. Five foot nine. Slim (but calls himself buff)... Read More

Control [M] [Complete]

by K_lovegirl updated on
Tags: bap banglo tentacles supernartural
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 8 | Comments: 13 |

Bang Yongguk is an other worldly creature brought to the mortal world by a young witch.  Choi Junhong comes from a family of hunters who exterminates creatures like Yongguk.  ... Read More

Bestests friend [M]

by CuffmeNcallmekawaii updated on
Tags: exo luhan kink daddykink tentacles
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 24 | Comments: 39 |

Luhan has a very special pet hiding under his bed    ... Read More

Tentacle Series [M]

by Otaku405 updated on
Tags: b1a4 blockb bap banglo taeco tentacles
Chapters: 7 | Votes: 12 | Subscribers: 145 | Views: 4610 | Comments: 43 |

So this is based off of my other two fanfics ZeloxTentacles and its sequel HyungxTentacles. Yup. :) I'm doing it again. This time I'm going to put all of my previous tentacle stories into one fan... Read More

Nightmares into Dreams [M] [Complete]

by planetcakestar updated on
Tags: horror exo hunhan selu tentacles spoooooky
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 41 | Comments: 35 |

It started with Lu Han stepping off the right train at the right station and led to him ending up in hell before coming near full circle where he started. ... Read More

Tentacles. [M] [Complete]

by lymlix updated on
Tags: bigbang gdragon gtop top humor tentacles
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 13 | Comments: 16 |

G-dragon has the weirdest, hottest, wettest dream ever with T.O.P who has a lot of tentacles.... Read More

Plante Exotique [M] [Complete]

by sekshiboi updated on
Tags: exo kai sehun sekai kaihun tentacles
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 24 | Subscribers: 174 | Views: 5760 | Comments: 57 |

[SehunxTentaclesxKai] When Jongin gives Sehun an exotic plant on his birthday, the younger boy never expects it to turn into a creature eating him up alive. ... Read More

The One Where Seunghyun Has Tentacles [M] [Complete]

by GDonTOP updated on
Tags: gtop kink gtopkinkmeme tentacles
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 25 | Subscribers: 116 | Views: 5100 | Comments: 74 |

Exactly what it sounds like. GTOP tentacle . I'm sorry, or you're welcome. Written for the ... Read More

y Sleepover (Hetalia Fanfic) [M]

by Aoharu updated on
Tags: yuri hetalia lemon tentacles
Chapters: 1 | Subscribers: 4 | Views: 3030 | Comments: 2 |

America throws a party. And, why is Russia here? . Yuri. Tentacles. Lemon.  I don't own the characters. ... Read More

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