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The HeartBreaker

A guy who suddenly needs someone to pretend to be his girlfriend for a while... And a girl who needs money and to clean up her bad girl image... Suddenly meets each other at the famous Seoul Institute of the Arts school. Is this fate? Let’s find out~

Love In The Fire (One-Shot Chaptered)

Byicehstv updated
CharactersDBSK ot5, 2AM and 2PM
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In a brilliant world of high society, many things that we desired will happen in a single word. But sometimes, many things that we desired could also be a part of our ambitions. Unlike this mature and innocent richest guy named Kim Jaejoong. He's a pop singer and a part-time professional model. He was known for his thick eye-lined eyes, red lipstick lips, and his blonde-haired wig.  He's one of the famous solo singers

Red Light City

Bygoodgirlinblaq updated
CharactersCL (Lee Chaerin), Simon Park, Daniel Chae & OCs.
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Danger in the shape of something wild,                                                                                                                Stranger dress in black,  she's a hungry child,


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For Sehun, Luhan is just another student of Exeoul University, a boy with soft pink hair and pale skin who has never spoken a word to him – until fate draws them together. But little does Sehun knows that fate may also draw them apart.

DISCO NIGHT [ Onew ] (One Shot)

Bytsing2x updated
Charactersonew, You, SHINee Members, Eunhyuk, etc
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DESCRIPTION: Onew is the player and heartbreaker. But will his experience with women be enough to handle her? Disclaimer: Everything in this story is all made up by me. Nothing in this story is real. All characters in this story are just portrayed by the actors.   Side Note: “Don’t bring the fictional character out of the book.”

❣Ulzzang Photo book 101❣

ByMeelahBear updated
CharactersUlzzang girls
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Best Abs In K-Pop

ByPandaWolf updated
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This is a compilation of abs, the best abs in K-Pop! It is impossible not to notise how many male K-Pop idols have really great abs. If you like the y abs of y male idols, then this is the story for you ;)   There is no particular order, just y abs and y idols ;D   Enjoy!!!   Please comment if you want some soecific abs ;)   Please subscribe and upvote if you like y K-Pop abs! <3

Yarn Haven Roleplay (( CLOSED && MOVED TO MCFLURRY \ o / ))

Bychilbongx updated
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  Yarn Haven yo  

Forever In My Heart

BySyazanis updated
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You have been friends with these 12 boys since childhood. Because you were very close to them, so you get used to act like a man. Always sharing food, bathing together, playing with each other, climbing here and there happily until one day, your father had to moved to UK due to work business. And that means, you need to leave them.  


ByTheayaan updated
CharactersChoi Seunghyun (TOP), You (OC)
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“Seunghyun-ie thank you so much for today!” you said as you unlocked the door to the apartment you shared with your boyfriend. He’d finally finished wrapping up filming for his new movie that was scheduled for an autumn release and to celebrate this achievement he’d planned the prefect day out with you. He felt bad that you hadn’t seen each other a lot recently, what with him being on world tour for nearly a whole year as well as filming.  


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CharactersKPOP artists...
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The story is started in the prosperous city of Mactan, Cebu City. Kai is a handsome, rich yet arrogant man who had everything in his life. Then, he's presently falling in love with Chanyeol. They have started dating in a yacht port. Unfortunately, Chanyeol got suspected by his boyfriend; a luxiorious man named Baekhyun. Baek

Minho's Naughty Side

ByNeebrit updated
Tagsminho y shinee
CharactersMinho,ME :D
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Minho,my love, came home from his long day at work. The two hours of sleep which he got  were priceless but I was not gonna let him sleep. Atleast not today. I don't understand how he forgot his own birthday. "I"m tired. I'm going to bed." said Minho. I could hear the strain in his voice. "Ok hun. I'll draw you a bath." I said.