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High school sucks. Jung Daehyun can vouch for that. Dumb classes, dumb clubs, dumb people, and dumb first love. First love that appears as a cute girl on his dance team: Shin Eunjung.

My Beautiful Angel

You and D.O have been best friends since middle school but… Is it starting to become something more?

ByiAsianx updated
CharactersPark JiYoung (You), D.O, Baekhyun, EXO-K, EXO-M
With20 chapters, 21 subscribers, 1480 views, 19 comments

Tied and Spun Around

Sung Hyo Kun was once a girly and sweet 14 year old. She was pretty, understanding, loving, talented,cute----what else can you ask for? She also had a bestfriend named Kyung Soo, who promised to stay by her no matter what. But a certain decision made Kyung Soo break his promise and broke Hyo Kun's heart. Because of that, she went to London to study for their family business. She now comes back as Park Mim

Byzeruma updated
Characterskyungsoo, OC, EXO, exo-k, exo-m
With27 chapters, 3 votes, 920 views, 32 comments

DJ got me falling in Love

Gaeun, a paparazzi, was asked to check up on popular dj Do Kyungsoo, rumored gay partner to one of Korea's hottest rookie singers. What she didn't expect was falling into a promise made age long ago by her grandmother... And probably also falling for the subject of her juicy story.

Bydoitlikethis123 updated
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But We Were Friends, Remember?

Amy met DO in a plane, sitting right next to her. Many things happened as they arrived Korea. Since then, they were friends. When DO brought Amy to his house for a party, he found that Amy fell for his housemate, Baekhyun. But what about DO? He has been keeping his feelings towards Amy since the first time they met. Will DO fight for Amy and break his friendship with Baekhyun or leave them together?

Byqistinaomaq updated
With3 chapters

We meet again...

Cho Hee an exchange student that moves to Korea because her Father is the CEO of a company that helps connects Korea and the U.S. One day Cho Hee is at the park wandering around and runs into a man named Kyungsoo. It was love at first sight. Soon Cho Hee and Kyungsoo hit it off. But soon it comes to an end when Kyungsoo breaks Cho Hee's heart. Four years later Cho Hee is now the CEO of her father's company. What happens when Kyungsoo comapny is her rival?

ByJazi252 updated
Characterskyungsoo d.o cho hee
With52 chapters, 3480 views, 78 comments

We Are Meant To Be

    CHAPTER 1  

ByHazsunhi updated
CharactersSon Na Eun as Yong Eun Hee, D.O. Kyungsoo as Kim Dong Ho, Shin Won Ho as Baek In Su, Kim SeolHyeon as Yong Eun Jun
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Be my girlfriend

D.O is a handsome guy with glasses on him for diguise. He's going to debut soon and no one knows him as Kyungsoo in his school. He only has one friend.... You.

ByLemon-B2UTY updated
CharactersD.O and You
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First Kiss

D.O./Kyungsoo (of Exo-k) one shot.

Bylesleyannhae updated
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 6 subscribers, 1010 views, 11 comments