Endless Emotion

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Minho was a normal boy who had a normal family and went to a normal school.

He had normal friends and lived a happy, normal life.

Then one day he meets Taemin, and his life suddenly isn’t so normal anymore.

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kurniawatinia #1
minho thought taemin is a girl ke..ke..ke..
kurniawatinia #2
Chapter 1: i like to read it more, it seem very interesting:)
Satommy #3
Chapter 26: It was so perfect and cute...
At the beginning I imagined the plot a little bit different, more angst I guess -lol-
But was all fluff but in a way that I fell for 2min and JongKey here♥
I create my account in this web just to read this hahaha
I'm happy I did it♥ adsasdasdasd♥
Love it!!!
bettykzzz #5
love this fic
Chapter 26: Let me sob while hugging my pillow cause what I just read really touched my heart ;___;
Shineeobsession #7
Chapter 18: Loved the story so far!! but some chapters were really short or not even chapters at all - insert a heart breaking face here- :( bonus chapter please? :)
Chapter 10: I'm sure I'll annoy you with all my comments, but there's just so much amazingness that I can't control myself! Oh Key I love your threat so much... Teehee Bones reference is excellent. :)
Chapter 9: Bahahaha! Oh I just love Sulli, she's the perfect meddling little sister.
Chapter 1: I know I read this a looooong time ago, but I'm reading it again and this time I'm going to comment my little heart out! Poor Sullivan and her crushing on Taemin, Minho's right though, the pretty male dancers are probably gay. To the next chapter!