Look at me now (gyujong)

infinite masquerade

Pairing: gyujong

Genre: fluff

PromptWhere sunggyu and sungjong play the 'staring contest'.


“Sungjong-ah, let's do a game.”

Sungjong shifted his gaze from his phone and looked at Sunggyu.

“Right now?”

“Yes, why not.” Sunggyu pouted as he sat next to the boy, lying on his lap and cuddling a bit.

“Because it's 1 a.m in the night, I thought we should go to sleep already.” Sungjong answered, trying to seem unaffected by the boy's actions.

“But tomorrow it's Saturday! Let's have some fun ~”

Sungjong sighed as he ran his fingers through Sunggyu's dark hair strands.

“Alright, tell me.”

“Do you remember that time when we went out with our friends and ended up doing those stupid and random games? I want to repeat the staring one.”

Sungjong made a face.

“Are you drunk, hyung?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow.

Sunggyu hit him in the forearm and sat up, moving Sungjong's legs so now they were around his waist, just like his were around Sungjong's.

“What happens to the one who blinks first?” Sungjong asked, blinking several times and tilting his neck.

“We'll figure it out later.”

Sunggyu breathed in and closed his eyes before opening them and staring at Sungjong.

The boy had these big round eyes that he loved so much, especially when he was wearing eyeliner, while he had small, slanted eyes.

He tried to be funny, though. He stuck out his tongue and pulled a face, making Sungjong laugh out loud, but he never blinked, and Sunggyu started to feel exasperated. He needed Sungjong to blink.

A few seconds passed and Sunggyu felt his eyes getting teary, and struggled not to blink, while Sungjong was looking everywhere, trying to distract himself from the action.

Maybe he imagined it. Maybe Sungjong didn't blink at all, but he could swear he saw those eyes slightly closing before being fully opened again.

So he took the chance and closed his eyes before leaning in and giving a peck to Sungjong's lips.

“Hey!” the boy shouted. “You closed your eyes!”

“You blinked before.” Sunggyu replied, smirking, and Sungjong pouted.

“Wait, what?! I didn't blink!”

“Shut up.” Sunggyu put his index finger over his lips to shush him. “Now you get your punishment.”

And he leaned in to kiss those pink lips again, this time Sungjong threw his arms around Sunggyu's neck to pull him closer and they ended up on a heavy make out sesion, where their tongues met and their bodies were pressed against each other. Sunggyu had his hands on Sungjong's waist as he parted his lips even more to let the other's tongue inside, and let out a small moan when Sungjong's teeth slightly bit his lower lip, before on it and going back to the kiss.

“You did this on purpose, didn't you?” asked Sungjong, panting heavily as he broke the kiss.

Sunggyu shrugged.


“If this is the punishment then I should blink more.”

And he pushed Sunggyu down on the couch to kiss him again.


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marshimaru #1
Chapter 3: wow simple but heartbreaking :(( and the reference to alive tho♡ (or isit daydream i kinda forgot)
marshimaru #2
Chapter 3: wow simple but heartbreaking :(( and the reference to alive tho♡ (or isit daydream i kinda forgot)
lovevyk88 #3
Chapter 2: Awww this is totally fluffy
metis87 #4
I loved it. I've already told you but I'll tell you again. I was feeling the tension with the chains and being alone and then, the release that comes with Woohyun, the colors and the love ♡
Chapter 7: Hahah. The dumb and dumber couple..
Seriously.. They are too cute (●´з`)♡
Chapter 7: Ha-ha-ha love birds♡♡♡
Chapter 6: My babies are so cute ;) Woohyun is allowed to do anything with his hyung!
Chapter 6: Aww this is sweet (´ε` )♡
Chapter 3: You broke my heart ; ( They never should be apart from each other.