Someone I Don't Love


There are those who live to seek love, others who search for success, and a rare group who go for neither. Diabetic Kim Namjoo falls into the last category.  The one question her parents have always scolded her with, "Who's going to take care of you when you're old and sickly and lying on a bed, and we're not around?!" A quiet life with her parents out of earshot had been what she always dreamed of, but reality was inescapable. The painful truth was, she didn't want to be a hindrance to anyone or die from some shortcoming and leave someone behind. She didn't want to rely on some man and keep him shackled to her side when there was a whole world to explore. And truth was, she was very much satisfied with what she had. No romance was alright and she didn't mind the silence. But a few months after living with a longtime friend - a house mate - Namjoo will have to figure out what they really are. Friends? Roommates? Almost lovers?

***Characters are mine, this is all from my imagination. I'm only borrowing images and names, no other intention.


I thought about making this a short story, but decided against it. This could be a oneshot introduction to something bigger, but I'm not too keen about that right now. Lets see what happens, cause as we know, I work best with HunJoo now ^^ I need to write this before updating One of Us. Something has been really bothering me, so I'll write this out first. 

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