Boys Love Twist


Baekhyun wants to confess to his best friend.

But Chanyeol only falls in love with girls, right?


Upon seeing the back of a tiny girl in front of him, he smiled, walking closer. She was beautiful in every way, even though he just saw her backside. Long silky hair was falling in waves down her shoulders and her back. Her hips were swaying softly while she obviously waited for someone. Knee high socks clad here smooth legs and a short skirt covered just enough of her bum. Chanyeol silently praised the school for their wonderful uniform.

“Umm,” he started, “did you ask me to come here?”

The girl nodded her head and turned just a little.

“I would like you to be my boyfriend.”, she said and turned around completely.




Hello ^^

Actually, I do not know if this is going to be a one shot or a chaptered fic. 

I started writing it but be surprised!

I got inspired for this by the beautiful manga "Girls Love Twist"

This is not the same as in there though.

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