My Everything

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He loved him like he was the last man on earth. He gave him everything he had. But everything wasn’t enough. It couldn’t stop the calling hands of death from taking his beloved away from him. It couldn’t hold back the tears that streamed down his face as he held onto his sons. It couldn’t fill the hole left in his heart. 

...Until he met Byun Baekhyun.





Title: My Everything

Pairing(s): Chanbaek

Rating: PG-13

Word count: n/a -- ongoing


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Russian translation



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real-zuzu 0 points #1
please continue the story
Chapter 16: Oh here goes a cliffhanger.

Your story warms my heart to the deepest,thank you authornim ;) And I hope everything is okay for you ;)
Chapter 10: They are together! I am so happy :'D
Chapter 9: Thank you so much authornim. Reading your story makes me feel the warmest in my heart. Just, thank you so much. <3
Chapter 8: Oh my god... Jongin is way too thoughtful QAQ
Chapter 5: LOL innocent Youngjae
BaekRisYeol #7
Chapter 16: Will you update this fics?
Chapter 16: Isn't complete already?? Huh... I don't believe that it's on going and never be updated again?? Oh May can you update this story as soon as possible??
EstablishedCG 106 streak #9
Chapter 16: Awww this story is so cute. I love it. I just found it and I am in love.
illyasah #10
Chapter 16: This story is just so cute. FIGHTING!