Ocalis: The Lost Legend

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An assignment leads journalist, Park Chanyeol, to a desolate island in the middle of nowhere where people have been rumored to be disappearing. He doesn't know what to expect of the island, but it isn't mythical creatures; an eyeless, soulless villainess; or magical mirrors that lead to another world. And surely, it isn't the alluring innkeeper and barista who claims Chanyeol is the missing ruler of the magical land; and that he is Chanyeol's long-lost lover.



Part 1 of the Ocalis Trilogy






Written for the 2017 round of baeconandeggs -- you can read the original here.

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Title: Ocalis: The Lost Legend

Pairing(s): Chanbaek, Kaisoo (if you squint)

Warning(s): (the warnings sound worse than they actually are **chapters are marked [M] accordingly**) some swearing, blood and violence, minor character deaths, murder, mentions of depression, non-explicit torture scene, very brief thoughts of suicide, ual activities, [comment section contains spoilers, read at your own discretion]

Rating: NC17**

Word count: 36k

A/N: The path to creating fiction can be rather overwhelming at times, but it's always easier when you've got good friends to help you through it. I ran into quite a bit of trouble while writing this story, and there have been moments when I thought of giving up. My sincerest thanks goes to all of those who've helped make writing this story much more bearable and enjoyable. First, to the BAE mods: you'll always have my gratitude for being ever so patient, helpful and understanding.

N, thank you for being there at the very beginning stages of the story to help me brainstorm and discuss plot. T, thank you for reading some of the scenes and giving me feedback at whacky hours of the night. To my editors and spiritual supporters, S & K, thank you for helping me fill in my blanks, and for always believing in me and cheering me on. Any errors, typos, or issues with continuity are solely my own.

To my prompter: I've taken some liberties, and this story probably isn't the one you imagined when you submitted this wonderful prompt. The story is not perfect; it has its flaws. I do hope that you'll be able to enjoy it, nonetheless c:

To any potential readers: The warnings sound worse than they actually are! >.< If you do decide to continue on, I hope you'll enjoy the story. Buckle up, let's go on an adventure!



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agsk98 #1
This fanfic seems to be really interesting! Looking forward to it!
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Chapter 7: Thank you for the link, I have just read the first chapter of part 2.
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Chapter 6: ing hell! What the hell was that? OMG???? Oh my god, I'm so curious and confused. The hell happened oh my god. I'm so excited for the trilogy omg omg OMGGGG!!
Chapter 6: Damn! You can't do this to me !!!! A SEQUEL PLEASE!!
This story was so amazing in all terms! It felt like reading a published action/adventure/fantasy story! This just goes to show how amazing fanfic writers are and can match or overtake the skills of published and famous authors! Thank you for the journey!🖤
Chapter 6: omg did not expect that ending
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Chapter 6: bruh i read this for the second time and i really really need the sequel
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Chapter 6: Oohhhhh please author this story is good please continue it!