Choi Sooyoung is a normal student and is living a peaceful life, studying in a university.

But there's this one extraordinary guy who ruins it annoyingly, making it a little more topsy-turvy.


"...he's handsome, cute, cool and every girl's daydream.

Yeah, his physical attributes are of my type

but sorry dearies,

this lunatic infront of me

surely has personality problems.



If only he could treat me nicely. :/ "

Posted the ending~ Yay!!!

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BearKkangSeul #1
Chapter 2: Ahhahah!!! I love it.. I'm laughing because i liked it!
swift98 #2
Chapter 2: Sweet~ omg! He's hiding his feeling for Sooyoung,, thats cute..
pimlyanc #3
Wow, i found Kyuyoung fanfict >-< I really this kind of story, when they bullied each other. I think the chapter fanfict was too fast but it's simple and easy to imagined. The last part make me so curious!!! Update soon please author~ Good luck, fighting!!! ^-^
GaraziBLB #4
I am really curious, please update soon