chapt. 1

You're the Motivation

wonwoo news of debuting as an idol came to you as a shock. its not that fact that he could take advantage of his voice and rap but its the fact that he would be someone who will be constantly fangirled over and over again considering his looks. It’s true that you always publicly fangirl over different idols in class on the way they dance and how hot they look, but 99percent was because you wanted to hide your overflowing love for Wonwoo.

It has been forever since you liked Wonwoo but you knew he’s the most popular guy in school and whatever you do won’t let him glance at your way as all. Speak of the devil, with the next class books in your hands, you looked up and caught Wonwoo walking towards you to the opposite direction. You glanced at him despite trying not to and caught him looking at you.

Beforr you could bow and say hi, he turned away and continued talking to his friends like you were invisible. He never ever acknowledged your existence. Used to it, your shoulders slumped and you walked away.

As time passes, it became even rare to spot Wonwoo in school at all, the lesser he was seen, the more hype about his debut in the rookie group SevenTeen. Rumours has it that he’s going to debut in less than a week. You wanted to call him and asked if he’s alright but without an excuse like project work, asking would be weird and obvious so you refrained from doing it.

The next time you saw him was on stage on M Countdown, rapping and dancing with his new team members. Your heart filled with the excitment and happiness you felt from him, it was the first time you could squeal about his smile publicly inside your room. You rewatched it again and again until you recognize every of their faces.

The next day in school, everyone in class was constantly discussing about Wonwoo debut group. They started on how Wonwoo looked great in his black hair and how charismatic he looked when he performed on stage. Your heart was almost jumping out because you knew you agreed to every thing they said, to prevent yourself from bursting out, you started talking about the other members.

“Did you guys see the the one with long hair?? I heard his birthday is on 1004 therefore nickedname angel!”

“Oh and and the one with the pink hair, alot of people said he looks like Suga like omg.”

You were about to continue until the whole class cheered as Wonwoo walked in. You turned and finally saw him after 2 weeks , your heart almost jumping out again. He looks incredibly y and different but still you can still see the Wonwoo you fell in love with inside him. You blushed, refusing to let him see, you looked down to pretend to study the notes for the upcoming class.

“Eh?! why are you in school? shouldn’t you be focusing on your studies? What made you came back?” A classmate asked. I peeked from the corner of my eye and saw his face twitched a little, a hint of sadness and embarrassment wassshown.

He looked exhausted but yet he replied, “i just… wanted to come.”

You thought he glanced at you but then again, it will never happen.

It was physics class and teacher walked in, hushing the class.

“So for now, i will pair you up for the next project.” You inwardly groaned because you hated group projects, everyone had already found their pair and walked to each other seats until,

“this time, i will pair you guys up. I can no longer endure the chatterings in class when best friends sits together.”

He glared at a few pairs. He started pairing and when it was your turn, he raised an eyebrow.

“____, you pair with…”

you rolled your eyes.


The whole class of girls sighed in disappointment and a few even glared at you in envy. You started panicking and tried to hide your flustered face as he stood up from the corner of the class to tje seay beside you.

“Calm yourself. It aint the end of the world. Try to act normal.” You told yourself yet you really wanted to take the chance to talk to him.

As he pushed in the chair after he settled himself down, you peeked at him. You gulped as you opened your mouth,

“Hello. Congratulations on your debut.” You gave an awkward smile.

“Hey, and thanks.” And the atmosphere became awkward quickly.

Before you could say another word, he opened his mouth to ask, “I kinda heard you talking about Jeonghan hyung just now..”

“The long hair guy??” He nodded and continued, “what do you think about him??” He wasent looking at you directly but at the book on the table as he talked.

You screamed inside your mind about how perfect Wonwoo looked on stage and how much you wanted him to smile the way he smile on the stage at you but you controlled yourself once again.

“He’s very handsome honestly speaking! I saw his pre debut pictures and right now he looks soooo much better. He looks very mature though, how old is he?” You said, looking at him directly this time because you thought it was a normal conversation until he bit his lips and his expression twitched from a calm one to a disappointed one.

“hey… did i say somthing wrong?” Worried, unable to hide.

You saw him taking in a deeep breath and squeezed his eyes closed. “This is going to sound weird but, do you want to know the reason why i became an idol?”

You found yourself startled and eyes widened a little before you nod your head. Genuinely curious.

He smiled gently at you, “i felt… a little jealous of Taemin from SHINee.”

“My ultimate bias?”

“Yeah. Because you looked like you were head over heels for him… and that is why i wanted to become an idol.”

“what do you mean????”

“I like you. At the corner of the class, i have always seen you smiling when you talked about idols like Taemin. I want to be someone thats better than any idol you seen, i wanted you to notice me… After my debut, i thought you would finally pay attention but just now i heard you talking about Jeonghan hyung i felt really… The whole purpose of me being an idol was defeated… Im sorry for being so selfish but i couldn’t hide it anymore after 2 full years on crushing on you. I worked very very very hard. So please, would you give me a chance?” His face was so red he refused to let me see and covered his face.

He coughed a little when he heard no response.

“I love you.” This time his face fell flat on the table.

“I loved you so much, from far, for so long, it hurts.”

You really had nothing to say because you couldn’t believe your ears. Still speechless, you pinched yourself a little to see if you were dreaming but no .

You secretly grabbed his arm from under the table. He looked at you with an shocked expression before you could say, “Hey. i loved you so much, from far, for so long, it hurts too you know.”

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