Training with EXO

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SM Entertainment decided to give fans an inside scoup about EXO's life, not their dorm life but their personal life. They decided that the best way to please the fans would be to make a reality show about EXO's family members. Unfortunately you were a trainee and your band was about to debut, and SME thought it was would perfect to make a show about your band training with EXO after they found out that your brother was Xi Luhan. Slowly, you guys become closer and secrets, new adventures, memories, and LOVE start to bloom. 


So first here are the pairings : Luhan/OC, Kai/OC, Tao/OC,Kris/OC,Chen/OC,Baekhyun/OC, Chanyeol/OC, Xiumin/OC, Suho/OC, Lay/OC

AN: Your close to everyone in the group, but you're closest to Rachel(Yao Fangxi), Nana(Li YingAn), Seojyun(Yi Seojyun) and Lucy(Hyun Choonhee). :)

•CHARACTERS(With Profile)

MeiMei(Xi Meiying)(You)

- 17 years old

- Maknae, Lead Dancer

- May or may not have a slight crush on Chen

Xi Luhan 

-Your Brother 

- 21 years old

- Main vocal

Your Group(After school; well soon to be named when you guys debut) 

(Left to Right)(Sorry that the picture is split and they are two different groups)

Clara (Kim Eun Sang)

- Leader, 20 years old 

-crush on Suho

Rachel (Yao Fangxi) 

-Also main dancer,18 years old

-crush on Lay

Seojyun (Yi Seojyun) 

- Main Vocal, 19 years old 

- crush on Kai

Annie (Myeon Minseo) 

- Lead Rapper, 19 years old 

- crush on Chanyeol

Haeun (Jung Haeun)

-Lead Vocal, 19 years old 

-crush on Xiumin 

Mihi (Kjyong Mihien) 

-Main Rapper, 21 years old

-crush on D.O. 

Kaeliee (Ok Jinkyoung) 

-Visual, 20 years old

- crush on Luhan 

Lucy (Hyun Choonhee)

- Visual, 18 years old

- crush on Sehun 

Sunhi (Chen Sunmhiki) 

- Main Vocal, 20 years old

-crush on Kris 

Jiseun (Han Jisuen) 

-  Main Dancer, 19 years old

- crush on Baekhyun

Nana (Li YingAn)

-  Main Vocal, 18 years old

- crush on Tao 


AN: This time the maknae is Chen. 

Ages: Chen:17

Kris, Luhan, and Xiumin: 21

DO and Suho: 20

Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Lay: 19

Sehun, Tao,and Kai: 18


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