The Little KPop Drummer Boy


To become an official demon in hell, The Rev must complete an impossible mission: to corrupt the legendary "Happy Virus".


Jimmy Sullivan was an amazing drummer for the California rock band "Avenged Sevenfold". I hope he's making some sweet music in heaven right now T_T

Cover photo is from tumblr ^^

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yehet_pcy #1
Chapter 3: You tagged this as crack but i honestly felt like the whole au could work. Tbh it was kinda awkward to find english names here lmao i used to listen to avenged sevenfold when i was in gradeschool (dear god is my absolute fave song) so reading a fic where the members interact with chanyeol was unusual.
But not the bad kind of unusual. Like i said this au could soooooo totally work it was super unique and interesting the whole hell and heaven and tests and corrupting souls concept thing. Super great.
Ofc what i loved the most was yeol being tempted beyond human comprehension something of his darkest desires, but i feel like, in real life, even if it isnt fiction, yeol would choose s over a solo career. It matters so much to me reading about how exo was ruined here and how he had the opportunity to rise by himself but choosing to stick with s and choosing to remember ksoo. Ahhhhh im so emotional
Hahhahahaha again crack au but a unique rwad. Thanks for writing and sharing!!!!
This is just tooooooo awesome!
Chapter 3: I already read this a bit, but I just had to re-read it!