Changes for worse


  • what if you are misunderstoood by your own love ?? and because of that misunderstanding you feel like wanting to die... .and will you forgive him if he returns back whenever his misunderstanding clears....

Minho stood near the door with tears streaming down his face as he watched the scene of total deceive right before his eyes ... He stood speechless like a stone statue, his mind mixing up with so much in it.




He pulled the girl back and slapped her across her face, looking at her with hate filling his eyes.

"Was this just the reason you wanted to come here??" He spoke as the girl looked back at him with teary eyes and a hand cupping her own cheek. 


i know i don't write too well but ... still i would want to write because its like my passion .... i can't stop writing just because my thoughts are not to wide and amazing like the other authors here .... i still hope you would like it ...



ah i know my other story is incomplete but still .. i had this story in mind for long now .... so i did thought to write it finally .... yes guys its same as changing life(my own story) but i have posted again with improvisation and changed characters ....














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kim_violet #1
How wonderful this
Continue and Complete with your creativity
So excited to see more from you
NyugenTree #2
Chapter 1: I am already excited and i only read the first chapter ^_^
My dear reviewers subscribers and comments you don't really know how happy I am to see you all smiling by the end and the last chappy of my story.... I really feel my hard work fully returned me the reward .... tose smiles keep them up and continue tolove my storiessss dearies
naeminsul #4
Chapter 17: OMG, this special chapter is daebak, full of Minsul moments. Thank you so much authornim for fulfilling our request. I love you :))
Chapter 17: Wow! I love this. That's so sweet. What a cute little family they turn into. Thank you so much dear authornim for granting my request of another chapter. I enjoyed reading this update. My heart is totally melting. Thank you again. You are doing great job authornim :)
Froggyoppa #6
Chapter 16: Ini benar benar menegangkan membingungkan...tapi akhir yang manis akhirnya minsup bersatu dan bahagia untuk selama lamanya....:)
naeminsul #7
Chapter 16: Wait, it ended already? Oh so fast authornim! Can you write an epilogue? I want more Minsul moments. Thank you so much authornim. Great job!
Chapter 16: Oh my emotion was at peak again and I felt so overwhelmingly anxious and then so happy for the ending. It's so good you decided to mark this story completed with happy ending. Since the beginning of journey, I knew I had already loved this story and yes I don't really like angst but tbh I've always looking forward to the update the most. I like the style of your writing, it's clear and describe each character so well. You are doing a great job authornim. Thank you so much for your effort to write this story, most specially thanks for choosing minsul to be your lead characters. Well talk about request, I wish you could write another chapter for this story. And I hope you'd come back to write minsul story again. You know what, you've become one of my minsul's favorite authors so far. Thank you again authornim. Hoping to see you soon again. Take care and good luck. Fighting!
Hawaali #9
Chapter 16: As much pain she experience sulli im glad she survive even though minho saved her he really did bad to her and she forgave him easily he should cherish her forever. AUTHORNIM nice story and for request as much i look forward to your next story but i would love to see minsul and other couple in story again. Like Yongshin couple or hyunmin or others you like. Just my favorite couples authornim anyways all the best and fighting