When Red Roses Bloom

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School, who likes it? You sure don't. You hate listening to your teachers whine about how you didn't do this assignment or didn't do that report. But the #1 reason you hate school is because of a boy named Jung Taekwoon


this is my very first fanfic that ive ever uploaded so i hope you enjoy!!!! :)


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HomeHam #1
Chapter 2: I believe that zcrystalemerald is a bit wrong, I mean, the story is still building up. Its only the first chapter. I think your story is great so far choiminhee1103
choiminhee1103 #2
thank you, i appreciate you telling me :)
Chapter 2: The story is very fast-paced and does not draw you in. The character would not have explained her reason very easily. This is some criticism that I believe will help you its not meant to hurt you. The direction in which the story is heading in is interesting, I like the comparisons of Leo's hair and the title of the story. With more background information and details, the pace of the story. Include details about her friends and family. This will strengthen your story