Oppa Oppa

Oppa Oppa

After Donghae left the house. The house become so quiet.. Heeyeon still tried to attach the statue inside Donghae room. While Eunhyuk just watching television at living room. Although he watching the television, his mind  didn’t even stick at the television. “Look like it’s hard to start being friend with Heeyeon after what happen earlier.. But at the same time I think I really wanna see the real her. She hate namja but she still a girl after all~” Eunhyuk mind keep talking.

“URGHH!!” Heeyeon frowns can be heard from Donghae room. Then she going out from Donghae room and walking to the kitchen. Eunhyuk just keep staring at her every movement. When she grab the glass and wanna pour the water, Eunhyuk hurriedly going at her. “Let me help you pour the water for the sign I’m sorry for what I’m saying earlier.” Said Eunhyuk and wanna pour the water at the glass that Heeyeon holding. “Don’t need.” Heeyeon said coldly while tried to take that bottle of water from Eunhyuk hand. But Eunhyuk keep insist wanna pour the water into Heeyeon glass. In the end because Eunhyuk keep insist, Heeyeon then just putting the glass aside and walks away with annoyed expression leaving Eunhyuk just like that.

Eunhyuk phone suddenly ringing. As he look on the screen who calling, he can see it was Donghae then he hurriedly answer it. “Yep?” Eunhyuk asking. “I can’t going back home right now since I have something that I need to do. So, I hope you can tell Heeyeon and ah..told her that when I’m on my way back I will pick up her phone at that shop.” Donghae said and keep repeat it so Eunhyuk can remember it to told Heeyeon. After talking for a moment, Donghae then end the call since he busily doing something out there. While Eunhyuk just keep staring at the ceiling thinking how to told that at Heeyeon. Because before he can told her that of course he need to make Heeyeon open the door first. He keep thinking the way.. 

In the end he just give up and just get up, walks toward Donghae bedroom. Knock! knock! Eunhyuk knock the door hoping that Heeyeon will open it. “What?!” Can be heard Heeyeon voice from the inside. “Open up this door. Donghae just call me and he asking me to tell you what he just telling me” Eunhyuk explain with the detail so Heeyeon can open the door. But as he thought she will open it, she still won’t open it. “Such an old lies from the so call popular oppa. You don’t have new lies that can make me believe it? So I can open it?” Heeyeon sounding cold. Eunhyuk had enough with her cold attitude from the start of their meeting till now. “I don’t care you wanna believe it or not this time. I just wanna let you know, Donghae just gotten into accident just now and he at hospital asking me to tell you he can’t back home for today or maybe until the end of this week” After he finish his words, Heeyeon shocking gasp can be heard and the door aggressively got open by her with the shocking expression. “WHAT?! WHICH HOSPITAL?!” She asking while busily grab her bag and prepare to going out.

As she just wanna rushing out, Eunhyuk then grab her arm and make her stop. “What?! Don’t touch me! I need to go now!” Heeyeon sounding in panic. “Hahaha” Eunhyuk laughing making her confuse and she thought that Eunhyuk getting crazy after he heard that news about his play partner. But then Eunhyuk said something that really making her pissed off. “You!! It just a lie?!” PANG! Eunhyuk got slap by her. “You think it funny to lie on this things?! Not everything you can joke around or making it as a lie!” She keep getting mad on him and just wanna walks into Donghae room again and shut the door but then… “Girl like you that just know how to getting mad and act like what you want.. You think why I’m saying that? I’m telling the truth before but you decide don’t wanna believe it and assume it as a lie. So I’m telling you the real lie to make you realize not all of it are lie. Even though you see me as a useless jerk, I don’t like to lying around to my bestfriend sis okay. Donghae said, he can’t going back home right now. When he on he’s way back home, he will pick up your phone at the shop.” After that Eunhyuk just walk away from Heeyeon leaving her with guilty feelings.


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