Hidden Feelings..

Hidden Feelings..
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"Ahm it is just me or something is happening between them.."Taeyeon asked..

"Who to Eunhyuk -Oppa and Jessica..?"Yuri asked..

"Well your right we should not feel insecurities we have our own love life anyway.."Taeyeon giggled..

"Ahm..Eunhyuk-Oppa can you come with me let's go to Hyoyeon's room I'm sure DongHae's there I want to speak to him.."Jessica looked him in teary eyes..

"Okay then but you need to hurry you just go there inside okay..?"Eunhyuk asked..

KNock! Knock! Knnock..!!!

"Well there's someone there pretend your asleep Hyoyeon I'm sure it's Jessica.."DongHae whispered..

Hyoyeon just nod and pretend she's asleep so that she can hear anything what they are saying..Then DongHae opened the door..

"Oh! Jessica come inside.."DongHae said.."Tnx Oppa-chan..ahm.there's something I want to say..ahmm..for the past 5 yrs..since we broke up I'm still in love with you.."

DongHae and Hyoyeon was shocked after what they've heard..Hyoyeon want to stand up but she just control herself..while Jessica tried to kiss DongHae.

."Hey stop it can you..?DongHae push her away.."I can't return your feelings anymore.."Jessica answered "why ? because of Hyoyeon right..?" DongHae replied "Yes..I love her and I don't wanna loss her..that's why no matter what happened I will fight no matter what.."

Jessica slapped her and ran away..when Eunhyuk saw Jessica running away he entered Hyoyeon's room and tried to punch DongHae's face suddenly Hyoyeon protect DongHae and she got hurt....DongHae punch Eunhyuk "Why you..?

Then Hyoyeon tried to stop there fight and said."What's wrong with you guys..You're suppose  to be bestfriends but now.."Hyoyeon tried to speak even though her cheeks are hurt.. 

"I'm so sorry..Hyoyeon I didn't mean to hurt you.."Eunhyuk apologiez..

"Go...out and look for her.."Hyoyeon smiled..

"What..?to whom.?"Eunhyuk asked a little bit confused..

"You're in love once again Eunhyuk..-Oppa.."Hyoyeon giggled..

"Yup,I'm so sorry if I make Jessica  cried but now is your chance.."DongHae added..

Eunhyuk was shocked a  litte bit confused after what they have said.."Why should I go to her.."

"You're so innocent Oppa you're in love with Jessica are you..I'm happy for you."Hyoyeon laugh..

"Well I don't know if I love her.."Eunhyuk bow his head and walk away..and close the door..

"Hyo-Baby are you alright..?"DongHae sweetly..

"EH..I'm okay Dong-Baby because your her.."Hyoyeon teased back..






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Chapter 1: please share more
AngelGhurl97 #2
Chapter 1: Thanks for your lovely comments everyone...
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Chapter 40: I love it !!!!
Chapter 40: Yay!! I loved it <3
Chapter 40: here she go again..
kind hearted Hyoyeon..
finally yoona know her fault..
hepy ending with their daughter ^^
Chapter 39: ....I knew it!!!!!!
Poor JB ...it is ok I will make a story dedicated to Hyoyeon and JB
Chapter 39: hyo is so kind to JB.. ^^
excited for her wedding..
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Chapter 39: JB so good.... ^^
Chapter 38: JYP?but, they are on her side...wait.......I got someone on my mind
Chapter 38: someone from jyp???
i got someone in my mind..