The Perfect Blues


"When I was little, my mom always told me that fate was funny in hindsight -- that while we can go through gruelling instances of pain, rejection, hurt, and unlucky coincidence, when we look back on our lives, those things aren’t so bad, and we teach ourselves to laugh at them. I didn’t believe her until my early and mid-twenties."



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Chapter 4: Omg i need and want more of this ff its soo good
Chapter 4: I love your writing style.
Chapter 3: omg i love this fic! cute keo makes my heart happy! seeing them progress is making me really excited! can't wait for the next chapter~
davidrd #4
Chapter 3: okay I forgot to leave a comment on this beautiful story because I read it on my workplace before. This story is amazing, and I can't even imagine how is Hongbin with wig etc. Oh man, just like when they're performing so hot by wonder girls.
Finally Jaehwan and Taekwoon make a progress. Poor Jaehwan feeling jealous over WonBin relationship...
please update soon author-nim. Fighting!!
Perfect. Your story is so perfect. I love everything about it! Jaehwan and Taekwoon are so thoughtful and obviously have a lot behind the way they look at life and react to it.
But It's like 3 AM right now so I'm sorry if this isn't the best thoughtful comment ever. However, just know I'm spazzing out and can't wait to see what more you write. Your writing is beautiful. I'm so jelly
Chapter 2: How lovely
I love the way taekkie sees the world and everything and so far it had been really lovely
cant wait until hakyeon and sanghyuk gets into the story (or maybe not)
will wait for more~