Nu A/B/O


Dongwoo has been a follower for way too long. He's leaving his pack and starting life anew.


This is my take on the a/b/o theme, and I'm taking great liberties with it. And as you can see from the lack of tag, there will be no mpreg here. Also I'm trying to mimic wolf behaviors more closely, hence the packs. This also means that omegas will be the equivalent to female alphas.

Also, it WILL be fluffy. I promise. It's always the darkest before the dawn.

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susou1 #1
Chapter 5: I like the development of characters in this chapter, especially Dongwoo, Im glad he's going back to his nature, opening up and trusting people around him. I was so happy when he met yeol, yeoljong appearance was a pleasant surprise. I love that you went again the stereotypical alpha jong, it was amazing. I like yeol and omg he married boram. Which brings me to gyu and how sad i am for him, he is so lonely but he's also super cool and an amazing leader, hopefully things with get better for him.

Woohyun and myungsoo are also great and bring brightness and happiness to this fic. Hopefuly woohyun will find a special someone too.

Hoya, omg i want to punch his patner, but hoya is perfect for this role. He just needs to join the pack.

This is my favorite pack ever, thank you for writing this :)
cutieale #2
Chapter 5: Just love it. I like long chapters like this ones, I was thinking when woukd hoya come out jejeeje. I hope to see more dongyu moments in the fute and thanks for the update :D
Chapter 5: I don't remember if I comment it before, but I want to do it now. I really like your story and Sunggyu intrigue me too much! I can't wait for next update and to discover a bit about Hoya characther
Chapter 5: Ahhh an update!! I really love this story, I hope you update again soon! Yay, Dongwoo and Woohyun are part of the pack! Problem is getting an alpha, and lol, of course Myungsoo is the one who's finding everybody xD I so excited that Hoya was introduced in this chapter, I hope he'll be part of the pack ^^ (also is it bad I'm kinda hoping there would be WooYa in this? xD) Can't wait for the next update, looking forward to knowing what'll happen next! :D <3
Chapter 4: Ahh what a cliffhanger! XD They've found out he's an omega! (Lol well Myungsoo did) Love the story, I hope you update again soon. Can't wait!! :D
Chapter 4: I haven't been online for a while but boy can I tell you I was happy when I saw you updated this! Love the writing, love the progress! I look forward to reading more!
Chapter 4: I am so excited you updated and I became greedy .. please don't make us wait too long for next chapter. It is so interesting, how they are slowly becoming closer to each others, keeping their protective walls up..
I couldn't stop reading when I found this. The story is very different from ABO stories, and I love you for making somewhat different. I hope Dongwoo will heal, his previous Alpha didn't diserved him and he can do better. With Sunggyu, that would be great. I can't wait for the other members to appear. Especially Hoya... meeting Woohyun... OMG I have to lock my shipper thoughts away...
Anyway, loved it and good luck to proceed
cutieale #9
Chapter 3: jajaja I love minyoung she sound just like me XD