Moon of Desire

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She has no personal life because her entire existence is public and part of her appeal.

She loves the tempo, the power, the thrill.






Happy Valentines Day to all! XOXO










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Chapter 8: Just a few hours since they met but they already have a growing feelings toward each other. ^^
thedajches #2
Thank you the update! Made my day for updating so frequently these few days. Surprise me author-nim!
Chapter 8: Thank you for finally updating :)
ToodlesLullaby #4
Thanks for the update. Love it!

Do you have any other stories?
Chapter 7: omg thank you for the fast update this story is making me so excited
bittersweetlover #6
Chapter 7: They're getting closer... Closer to discovering their desires for each other... :)))
che21lo15 #7
Chapter 7: More exciting story..pls. update. Tnx
che21lo15 #8
Chapter 7: getting more e
che21lo15 #9
Chapter 6: What a nice meeting...pls. uodate soon..
Yvetth #10
Chapter 6: Thanks for the update