Even Grim Reapers Need Love (HIATUS)


Have you ever thought about death? Did you ever wonder if you were going to heaven or hell? Or maybe you don't believe in that and in the end when your life ends it just ends. Maybe you even believe that you'll come back to this world in a new form! Either way, you were going to die and either way you were going to meet a grim reaper. Have you ever thought of a grim reaper? A skeleton that dresses in black and carries a scythe around looking for its next victim is probably what you thought. The first word that pops into your head when I say grim reaper could be, dark, evil, scary or anything related to that. When I first heard of the word grim reaper I said scary, but than I thought. Who am I to say that he or she is scary when I don't even know them. The second word I thought was misunderstood. You can't judge a book by it's cover and that includes grim reapers. Just like everyone else they needed one thing to keep them alive and that was love.  However, to them, they never got that since they were the dark angels. So as they remained a mistreated mystery, they hid in the shadows and continued they're lives.

There were more than one grim reapers out there, but the chances of you seeing one was low. For every million humans there was one grim reaper. For every life that deceased a grim reaper was there to witness their death. Right after that life vanished and the grim reaper would start guiding the soul. Of course some grim reapers would kill a life when ever they wanted too. This wasn't being mean, it was intelligent. Why? Because grim reapers were teaching humans to treasure their lives or they would just take it away. Grim reapers were helping humans in a way. In the end though they still have a bad image because their good deed was to deep for anyone to see.

 I grim reaper has the ability to take a life away and guide you to another world. If a grim reaper comes to take your life, it most likely means you were going to die. There was accepting though, because this grim reaper fell in love with a girl whose life was miserable. He would try everyday to visit this girl and this girl would always be happy to see him despite his 'job'. What was the reason for these visits? It was nothing other than love. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You: A sweet girl that was abused by your own parents. Your mom and dad use to really love you, but after your brother died everything changed. If you ever got home late you would beat. If you didn't get the highest marks in class you would be beat. If you didn't do the house chores you would be beat. If you didn't work and pay your parents the required amount of money you would be beat. If you talk back after you were given an order you would also be beat. Overall if you made your parents mad they would beat you. You hated your parents, but you didn't hate them so much that you wanted to kill them. You were very nice and charming though. All the guys loved you, but your body wasn't the greatest since you were abused. You were beautiful, but to yourself you were a monster. You hated yourself for not being perfect.

Key: Was a grim reaper. He used to be a human, but after some complicated situations he was turned into a grim reaper. If he wasn't busy he would constantly visit you, but that was against the rules. That is why he would do it in secret. You and Key were the best of friends. You knew what he really was, but you didn't care. He always made you happy and even when he offered to kill your parents you rejected and he understood. Key never use to be nice until he met you which made you guys even closer. Key was the one who saved your from dying, but that caused him to get in trouble.

SHINee: Key's fellow grim reaper friends. They knew about you and didn't tell their leader of course, but they never seen you before. They always tried to persuade Key to stop visiting you, but Key was to stubborn and continues to visit you. SHINee didn't hate you though they were kind of happy to see Key having a bright smile after coming back from the human world. Besides they always wanted a human friend so why not take an advantage of it. SHINee consists 5 members who are Onew, Jonghyun, Minho, Key and Taemin.

G-Dragon: Your brother who died after getting killed in a car accident by a grim reaper. A grim reaper showed himseld right after he died though and he was dragged into the world of grim reapers. Just like Key, he was a grim reaper now, but the details would be told in the story.

Big Bang: G-Dragon's new friends after entering the grim reaper world. Consists of G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri.

Your Parents: Became mean to you after your brother died. They think that you killed your brother when in reality a grim reaper did. In the end though they do drugs, get drunk and go out late at night. They push all the responsibility of being a parent onto you.


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