The Second Fate of Love

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Name: Park Shin Hye

Age: 25 years old

DOB: February 18th 1990


  • The daughter of Park Seung Ryong and Jin Kyung, younger sister of Park Yoo Chun, from a rich family (Park Corporation).
  • Childhood friends with the Ji family.
  • A well-known ballerina in South Korea.
  • Ji Jin Wook’s girlfriend/fiancée.


Characteristic / Personality:

  • Very beautiful and elegant
  • Soft and calm
  • Kind hearted and caring


Name: Ji Chang Wook

Age: 28 years old

DOB: July 5th 1987


  • The elder son (elder twin) of Ji Joon Young and Kim Sung Ryung, elder brother (twin brother) of Ji Jin Wook, from a rich family (Ji Corporation).
  • Childhood friends with the Park family, best friend of Park Yoo Chun.
  • Successor of Ji Corporation, a successful businessman.
  • Love his twin brother very much.
  • Love Shin Hye since he was a kid but buried in his heart when he know his brother love her too.


Characteristic / Personality:

  • Handsome and charming
  • Matured and calm
  • Smart, capable and confident


Name: Ji Jin Wook

Age: 28 years old

DOB: July 5th 1987


  • The second son (younger twin) of Ji Joon Young and Kim Sung Ryung, younger brother (twin brother) of Ji Chang Wook, from a rich family (Ji Corporation).
  • Childhood friends with the Park family.
  • A well-known soccer player in South Korea.
  • Love and respect his twin brother very much.
  • Park Shin Hye’s boyfriend/fiancé.


Characteristic / Personality:

  • Handsome and charming
  • Happy, outgoing and carefree
  • Kind hearted and caring



“Shin Hye-ah… let’s meet your new friends.” Jin Kyung said as she kneeled down beside her 6 years old daughter. “You have to call them oppa because both of them are elder than you.”

Park Shin Hye looked at the two little boys in front of her with a confusion gaze. “Eomma, why do they look exactly the same?”

Kim Sung Ryung laughed softly as she looked at her cousin. “Jin Kyung-ah. You have to tell your princess my son’s name. She will get confuse by just looking at them. I got confused myself sometimes.”

Jin Kyung stood up and chuckled. “I don’t even know which one is which one. How can your twins looked so alike? They are identical.”

“If you spend more time with them you will know who is who. Although they look alike but their personalities are totally different.” Kim Sung Ryung said as she kneeled down in between her twin son who was holding a lollipop in their hands. “Chang Wook-ah, Jin Wook-ah. This beautiful girl in front of you is your new friend. Her name is Shin Hye. She just came back from Japan. Her mother said she love to eat lollipop. Give those lollipops to her as a gift. Both of you is a boy. You should go to greet your little dongsaeng first.”

Ji Chang Wook turned to his younger brother who was looking and smiling at Shin Hye. He followed behind him when Ji Jin Wook started to walk towards Shin Hye.

“Annyeonghaseyo. Ji Jin Wook imnida. This is for you.” He introduced himself with a cheerful smile as he lifted his hand that was holding the lollipop up to Shin Hye.

Following what his brother did, Chang Wook greeted Shin Hye without looking at her. “Annyeonghaseyo. Ji Chang Wook.”    

Both Jin Kyung and Kim Sung Ryung laughed at their children cute gestures.

Shin Hye glanced at Jin Wook and Chang Wook before she smiled sweetly, looking at Jin Wook again as she took the lollipop. “Thank you, Jin Wook oppa.” She then turned to Chang Wook and hesitated for a moment before she took the lollipop from his hand. “Thank you… Chang Wook oppa.”




“Yah, Park Shin Hye. Stop running. If you fall down and injure your precious ballerina legs, eomma is going to kill me.” Park Yoo Chun shouted behind his 18 years old sister who was running very fast at the Ji Mansion’s garden.

Turning around to look at her brother while running, she glared her brother. “I’m 30 minutes late, thanks to you. Jin Wook oppa’s match is starting soon. He will be late because of me. I hate… ahhh…” Before she could finish her sentence, she tripped over a stone and almost fell down. But just then, her body fell against a hard chest and a strong arm wrapped her waist securely. She looked up and her lips curled into a soft smile when she saw the familiar handsome face.

“Jin…” She paused when her eyes met the sharp and intense gaze. It was not the gaze she used to see. It was not him. It was another him. She gasped softly as she quickly pulled away from him.

“C-Chang Wook oppa…” She bit her lip and looked down.

Looking at her shocked and embarrassed expression, Chang Wook cleared his throat and averted his gaze. “Jin Wook is waiting for you in the living room.”

“T-Thank you.” Shin Hye nodded as she quickly ran into the house, leaving Chang Wook and Yoo Chun in the garden.

Yoo Chun grinned as he slowly walked towards his best friend. “I’m really curious why is my sister so scared of you but love your brother so much. Both of you look exactly the same to me.”

Chang Wook looked up at him coldly. “Stop talking nonsense.”

Yoo Chun chuckled as he put his arm around Chang Wook’s shoulder. “How do you think my sister will react if she knows that you have a secret crush on her since very long ago?”

Chang Wook elbowed his waist and glared at him. “You better keep your mouth shut before I kill you. She is my brother’s girlfriend.”

Yoo Chun sighed deeply. “Why didn’t you confess to her before Jin Wook take action? My sister might choose you. I always think you have a better boyfriend and husband quality.”

Looking through the glass sliding door, he saw Jin Wook talking with Shin Hye and she was smiling happily before he hugged her in his arms. He inhaled sharply before turning back at Yoo Chun.

“Even if I confess, she will still choose Jin Wook. She always smiled at him the way that I never see her smiling like that to me before. And Jin Wook is my brother. I will not take anything that belongs to him.”



Taking a deep breath, Jin Wook looked deep into Shin Hye’s eyes. “You are very beautiful. You are the most beautiful bride I have even seen in this world. I must have did a lot of good deeds in my past life to have a good wife like you in this life.”

Shin Hye laughed softly. “There is still another month before our wedding. I’m not your wife yet.”

Just then, his phone rings and cut off their conversation. 

“Yoboseyo. What? Is it very serious? Okay. I’ll come back now.” Jin Wook ended the call before looking at Shin Hye apologetically. “I’m sorry. One of the players was injured and admitted into the hospital. I need to rush back to the club now. I don’t think I can join you and Yoo Chun for lunch later. Can you call him to fetch you?”

“It’s okay. He is having a meeting nearby and will be done in an hour time. I still want to try a few more gowns. I can wait for him and I’ll eat with him later. Don’t worry about me.” Shin Hye said with a smile.

“Okay. I will change my cloth and go now. I’ll call you later.” Jin Wook said but before he could turn around, Shin Hye wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his lips.

She looked at him and smiled. “I have something to tell you. Have dinner together and I’ll tell you tonight, okay?” She smiled shyly at him. “I love you.”

A wide smile spread across Jin Wook’s face as he nuzzled his nose against hers. “I love you too.”




Shin Hye: Eo, oppa. Where are you? I’m waiting for you at the bridal shop.

Yoo Chun (silent): ……

Shin Hye: Oppa? Are you there?

Yoo Chun: Shin Hye-ah. You have to calm down and listen to me carefully.

Shin Hye: What’s wrong? You sound very serious.

Yoo Chun (inhaled deeply): Jin Wook…. Jin Wook met with an accident.  




It was a sad and cloudy mourning with everyone wearing black, holding a white rose in their hands, moaned silently in grief. After they pays their last respects to the young deceased, one by one of them slowly leave the cemetery.

Shin Hye was still standing right in front of Jin Wook’s grave after everyone including Jin Wook’s family left. Yoo Chun walked to his sister and looked at her worriedly. “You should go back now. It’s going to rain very soon and it’s very cold here. You will fall sick standing here like this.”

Without saying anything, she just shook her head. Tears were like rains falling down her cheeks uncontrollably. Her eyes were gazing straight at the grave with a very sad expression.

“I’ll stay here with her.”

Yoo Chun turned around when he heard a voice behind him.

“Send your parents back. I’ll stay here and take care of her.” Chang Wook said as he walked towards them. His gaze was dull and his face was expressionless. Yoo Chun knows his best friend was in a deep pain too after his brother passed away. It might be better for him to stay here with Shin Hye since both of them love Jin Wook very much. They can both share the pain and grieve together. He nodded before walking away from them.   

Standing right in front of Shin Hye, Chang Wook lifted his hand up and gently rubbed her tears away from her drenched cheeks. “Don’t cry anymore. Jin Wook wouldn’t want to see you like this.”

Looking up at him slowly, Shin Hye bit her lip and started to sobs painfully. “Chang Wook oppa. Where is Jin Wook oppa? He promised to take care of me. He promised to marry me and love me forever. Why did he leave without bringing me along? What am I going to do now?”

Chang Wook clenched his jaw tightly as he tried hard to endure the pain that his heart was suffering since he got the news of his brother passed away in a car accident. He exhaled a sharp breath before he pulled her into his arms and embraced her tightly.

“I’ll take care of you.” He whispered.




“Shin Hye, look at me!” Chang Wook raised his voice as he cupped her cheeks firmly in place. “You have to stop torturing yourself. Jin Wook is gone. He is dead. He won’t come back alive even if you keep crying and keep abusing yourself. You are not just only hurting yourself, you are hurting all the people who love you too. Your parents, your brother, my parents… and me. All of us are very worried about you.”

Shin Hye bit her trembling lips as more tears streamed down her cheeks, wetting his fingers. “It’s very painful here.” She said between sobs as her hand hit her chest harshly. “I couldn’t even breathe whenever I think of him. I tried to sleep but whenever I close my eyes, my mind was full of him.” She cried painfully as she closed her eyes. “And whenever I look at you, I feel even more suffocated. I know you are not him but when I saw your face, I just can’t stop myself to imagine you as him.”

Chang Wook heaved a deep breath to calm himself down before he tightened his grip on her cheeks, forcing her to open her eyes and looked at him. “If it’s so painful, if you really couldn’t forget about him, then just treat me as him.”

Shin Hye stared at him in shock. Her chest was rising with each hard breath she took.

Caressing her cheeks gently, Chang Wook looked into her eyes.

“I’ll replace Jin Wook to take care of you… and to love you…”




“WHAT?!” Park Seung Ryong raised his voice and looked at Shin Hye and Chang Wook murderously.

Jin Kyung was shocked too by what her daughter just said. “You what? You want to marry Chang Wook? But Jin Wook just passed away one month ago.”

“I’m not going to agree with this marriage. This is ridiculous. What were you thinking? Your wedding was cancelled because Jin Wook passed away and now you are telling me you want to marry his brother now?” Park Seung Ryong breathed heavily before looking at Chang Wook. “Even if Shin Hye is out of her mind, you should be rational too. She is your brother’s fiancée.”

Chang Wook bowed at Park Seung Ryong before looking at him apologetically. “Abeonim, I’m sorry…”

“It’s not Chang Wook oppa’s fault.” Shin Hye cut him off. She took a deep breath before looking at her parents.

“I’m pregnant.”




Hi everyone… it’s jasey_park again with her new story… I hope everyone is well today and not too affected by what happened yesterday… I can’t lie that I’m okay but compared to yesterday, I feel slightly better… I slept less than an hour last night and this was my first time feeling like that… LOL… am I being dump or what… :P

Back to this story… first of all, I would like to apologize to all minshinners and minoz for changing the cast for this story… I wanted to continue with the original one but I find difficult now… this is will be a sad story and with MH inside, I think it will be worse… I just hope all of you will understand and give me a chance to try writing something without them together… I guess I have to get use to it, right? but I adores SH a lot so I’m going to continue writing story for this beautiful girl… and I hope all of u will love JCW too… he is my second best and I hope this story will turn out to be a good one…

If you are not interested and want to unsubscribe or downvote this story… I just want to tell you that I’m okay and I understand… but of course I’ll be more than happy if you continue to support me… thank you… hope to see u guys soon… XOXO


This is 300% fictional and it has nothing to do with their real lives. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Please continue to excuse and bear with my poor English. 




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