An Unexpected Love

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Name: Park Shin Hye

Age: 27 years old


  • From a middle class family
  • Single mother
  • Stayed at Busan with her daughter for the past 8 years. Because of personal reason, came back to Seoul 6 months ago.


Characteristic / Personality:

  • Independent and strong personality
  • Hardworking and never give up easily
  • Stubborn and hard headed
  • Loving and kind
  • Very protective over her daughter


Name: Lee Min Ho

Age: 27 years old


  • From a wealthy family
  • Graduated from medical school UK
  • A cardiologist in Seoul National University Hospital


Characteristic / Personality:

  • Kind hearted and caring
  • Calm and matured
  • Smart and strong


Name: Park So Won

Age: 8 years old


  • Grow up with her mother, didn’t know who is her father
  • Suffer from Thalassemia since she was a baby, need regular blood transfusions
  • Waiting for compatible bone marrow transplant
  • Look small in size because of her disease
  • Love her mother very much


Characteristic / Personality:

  • Smart and matured
  • Optimistic and independent
  • Loving, caring and kind



Song Joong Ki: “The only way to help her now is bone marrow transplantation. Since your bone marrow wasn’t compatible, you should try with your family. How about her father? You should bring her father and his family to test their blood. There might be a chance they are compatible.”

Park Shin Hye: “She doesn’t have a father.”


Park So Won: “Eomma, why I need to go to the hospital so often? I don’t like the nurse poke needle into my hand. It's very painful.”

Park Shin Hye: “Because my lovely So Won is special. We need to poke the needle into your hand so we can put in new and healthy blood into your little body. Eomma know is painful but it will keep So Won healthy.”


Park So Won: “Ahjussi, are you a doctor in this hospital?”

Lee Min Ho: “I would be happier if you call me oppa instead. Do I look like an ahjussi to you? Yes, I’m a doctor here.”

Park So Won: “Okay, so I’m going to call you ahjussi-oppa.”


Park Shin Hye: “Park So Won! Do you know I’m looking everywhere for you like crazy? How can you just go away like this without telling ahjuhma? She is so worried about you.”

Park So Won: “I’m sorry eomma. I’m with ahjussi-oppa.”

Park Shin Hye: “Who?”

Lee Min Ho: “Park Shin Hye?!”


Lee Min Ho: “So Won is your…”

Park Shin Hye: “My daughter.”


Moon Chae Won: “You saw Park Shin Hye?”

Lee Min Ho: “She is married and she has a daughter.”

Moon Chae Won: “I hope you still remember I’m your fiancée.”


Park Shin Hye: “You know Lee Min Ho?”

Song Joong Ki: “Yes. He is my cousin.”


Park Shin Hye: “I need your help.”

Lee Min Ho: “What is it?”

Park Shin Hye: “I need you to test your blood. Your bone marrow might match for So Won. Please…”


Moon Chae Won: “Why after so many years you still can't leave us alone?”


Song Joong Ki: “I don’t mind you have a daughter. I hope you can give me a chance to take care of you and So Won.”


Park So Won: “Why everyone is healthy but I’m not? Why everyone have a father but I don’t have?”


Lee Min Ho: “Tell me what happened after that night. You were gone and I was looking everywhere for you.”


Park Shin Hye: “I never regret everything that had happened between us. Because it brought So Won into my life.”



Hi All, this will be my third fan fiction after Yearning for Your Love and The Temperature of Love. The story will revolved around the 3 main characters, how Park Shin Hye, as a single mother took care of her thalassemia daughter, and what’s her history with Lee Min Ho. Their characters will be slightly different from the previous 2 fan fiction and I hope you all will like it. I hope you will continue to read and like my fan fiction like the previous ones. Please continue to excuse and bear with my poor English. I’ll try my best to write a good story. Kindly comment, upvotes and subscribe. I love reading your lovely comments that always bring me strength to write better.

This is 300% fictional and it has nothing to do with their real lives. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

PS: I will only start writing this story after I complete The Temperature of Love. I’m now still busy with my revision and exams. I will update TTOL as soon as I can when I’m free. Hope all of you will continue to support Jasey_Park. XOXO 




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