Knights of Osua


“Once upon a time...”


Jinyoung pulls back a little and smacks Jaebum across the back of the head. “Yah, hyung. That's not what you're supposed to say. You're going to make people think this is some sappy fairy-tale, instead of the reality we've all had to live through.”


“Jinyoungie, just because you're Jackson's best friend doesn't mean you can just smack me around like some peasant... I'm a knight as well, and Yi-en's best friend.” Jaebum scowls at him, rubbing at the sore spot where the younger male had hit him so violently. “Besides, it was a fairy-tale. And a pretty sappy one at that.”


“But you can't just--!”


“And why not, huh?”


Jinyoung huffs at him, before he slinks closer, slamming the book shut. “Hyung, think about it. It was more than just the sappiness and the love. It was the adventure. The challenges. The danger. The tournament. And the dragon that would always confuse a guy in drag for a princess.”


Jaebum's expression softens just a little. Jinyoung can always manage to get under his skin when he just doesn't want it. But for now, fingers spidering up a lean arm, lips dragging against a warm mouth and a strong arm slinging around narrow hips, Jaebum simply can't care. Moments later, Jinyoung hums against his mouth and reaches for the book, flipping it open to the first page.


“As you were saying, Jaebummie?”


Once upon a time there was a divided land. The harsh, frozen North; the desert to the South; the sea-faring East and the rocky mountains of the West. For centuries these four kingdoms have struggled with peace treaties and alliances. Dragons plague the West, raiders threaten the peace of the South, and the East is threatening the Northern Kingdoms with war. In order to stabilise the four kingdoms, advisors of the North and West brought together an alliance between the kingdoms.


All that was left was the meeting of the two crown princes. A feat that would prove harder when the Crown Prince of the North, Wang Kayee – Jackson to his friends and those close to him – is captured by a dragon during an unfortunate incident involving his elder sisters and their newest dress design. But luckily... Tuan Yíēn, the young and playful Western Crown Prince comes to his rescue...”


Jaebum shifts, pressing just a little closer to the younger male. “Happy now? Let them get on with the story already. You and I have things to do.”


Jinyoung nips his jaw, grinning as he turns the book around so it can be read a little easier. “There you have it readers. You will find the 'fairytale' within. Have fun, and don't bother us for a while.”  


It's me again! I know, it's been ages.
But I have a new thing, which is really
more of an old thing... sort of. This 
started as a collection of AUs, but
I like this specific AU, so I've decided
to turn it into a full fic. Chapters might
be iffy, but it's one of my favorite pairings
so I almost always have inspiration
to write for them. 

That being said, I'll be going pretty well
for a while until university starts up. 
(I got into a new course after two years
of the education degree; my new course
is creative and professional writing, so lots
of excitement.)

But yes, stick with me, and if I'm slow
with updating, I apologize >_< 


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Update soon authornim:)
tootoothree #2
When will you update this story? This is the best 'Foreword' of a fic I have ever read tbh. xD I'm quite excited to read this.^^