how to not solve problems.


//. name: A HOWTO Guide: how to not solve problems.
//. story: ongoing-diary-like, how-to-rules.
//. chapters: not sure yet.
//. topics: stress, school, love, teenage struggles,
//. characters: the main character Sujeon. Kyuna, her best friend and some idols ex.g. Donghae as her boyfriend.

You couldn't say, she was a normal 17- year old girl, she was quite.. interesting, for sure.
She lives together with her best friend, who suffers truly from lovesickness and inferiority complexes, has a pretty ed up past regarding her family life and a soulmate of boyfriend. The grades could be by far better.
There was this one day, she left for a week to Italy, Sorrento and gets to know a classmate of hers.

And there you go, watch her screwing up the only thing, she had luck with: love.


Hello, I'm Saa.
English is not my first language.
I'm close to my final examination and thought about writing about some teenage-drama-idea that popped up in my head.

The names are quite random, more Super Junior yet to come.

stay tuned yep.

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