Late Bloomer

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Living life in America as a Korean Heiress to your parent's company, brings great expectations from your family, peers, even the whole world! Having to be beautiful, smart, and just perfect overall. Well, heiress Kwon JaeMi, heiress of Diamond Palace, could be- if she wasn't brainwashed by her parents. President of the school, straight A student, tall, slender, beautiful, Kwon JaeMi. Naive, innocent, stiff, mature, Kwon JaeMi. When will she learn how to be normal?


Everything changes when her parents decide it was time for JaeMi to have an arranged marriage. JaeMi, high school junior in America, will have an arranged marriage?


Kim Jonghyun, the heir to his father's company, K. K. Entertainment. Kim Jonghyun is the total package for your typical heir... sorta. He's agrrogant, handsome, charming, stubborn, sneaky, but he's not the brightest star in the sky. He's popular among many girls because he can also sing and dance.


He and his closest friends, Lee Jinki, Kim Kimbum, Choi Minho, and Lee Taemin, all go to America and stay in the Kwon's Mansion to support their friend's arranged marriage. What will become of their fate?



Late Bloomer:

A person that isn't capable to seeing or comprehending certain things which result in seeming distant, and unreal to the world.


Kwon Jaemi

16 years old

Born: December 25, 1998

Heiress to Diamond Palace


Kim Jonghyun

19 years old

Born: April 8, 1995

Heir to K.K. Entertainment





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noomin #1
Love ittt
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Chapter 23: Thank you for the update I love your story
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Chapter 21: Wow! If you started high school how are you keeping up with hw while updating this. I heard it's hard so you must be sacrificing to update for your readers
Awsome22 #4
Chapter 21: LoL >_< 'this guy is so easy to trick'
JanetR #5
interesting, kinda sounds like bof
milkywayyy #6
Such an interesting concept <3
atowah #7
Chapter 16: Update soon if you can ;)
i'm so excited ♡
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Chapter 15: Can't wait to read the next chapter :)
Update soon ♡♡
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Chapter 14: YASSSSSSSSS!!!!!!