Purring for your love


A deal made long ago, a curse that came along. A foolish princess who started it all. A dashing human that caused her fall. A wicked witch who ruined it all. Descendants suffer due to their wrongs.


There's a price you have to pay when you play with magic. It could happen now, it could happen then. You will feel relieved now but the pain comes then.


An innocent girl cursed for life.  A handsome prince arrives. A wishful hope for love comes. For true loves kiss cures all.


This story is based off of G.na's 'Oops' music video. The video shows G.na as a cat that turns into a girl when her owner leaves home. All characters involved in this story are not mine except for the OCs. I don't hate the characters that I've made the cameos. This is purely just a story created by me, any other stories that are similar to mine are just coincidences.

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