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House of 20's
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Unknown to the world, BIGBANG's Kwon Jiyong and SNSD's Kim Taeyeon were arranged to be husband and wife.

It was all written in the stars.

Set up, voted on, signed, and dated by the village elders of the Gyeongso province, the marriage was arranged even before they were born.

Since the Joseon era. Since King Yeongjo's reign. Since 250 years ago.

SINCE 1765.

But will the two souls politically arranged to marry ever adhere to the 250-year old tradition?


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Guys I accidentally delete chapter 5! Now I have to reformat it all. Please be patient. I can't do it today anymore so wait 12 hrs pls. Sorry! Come back again.

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pieceofwings #1
Ah im still waiting for this. Its really goood...
mitaaa19 #2
Chapter 11: i already read again your story . please update soon
38 streak #3
it had been already 2 years and i'm still waiting for an update i miss this story
YourSmile-I #4
Chapter 11: Please update soon thanks
Hayat786 #5
Chapter 14: Plz ubdate
good job!!
ImHot1130 #7
comeback to read gtae again :) miss them so much!!! hope you come back soon author :)
Lttlemssme #10