DAY 1: Roommates

House of 20's
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House of Twentysomethings Rules

  1. Obey the elders and production staff.
  2. Do not remove the lapel microphones, unless otherwise told by the Elders and production staff.
  3. Use of sign language, written communication and whispering are strictly prohibited and will result to immediate eviction.
  4. Respect your housemates, Elders and production staff.
  5. Participate in all the daily activities and weekly tasks, unless health forbids. Lack of enthusiasm and participation would result to disciplinary actions.
  6. Always act with thought, respect, and sensitivity for the entities outside the house.




"Good evening South Korea! Yoo Jaesuk imnida. Tonight, we send our ten young icons inside the house. As you can see, all of them are currently blindfolded as they are escorted towards their new home for the next three and a half months. With me outside the grandest house in Seoul are my co-hosts in this new show, Park Myungsoo and Jung Hyungdon!"

"Hello Korea! Park Myungsoo imnida!

"I hope our viewers are well, Jung Hyungdon imnida!"

"Together, we are the Council of the Elders who will guide our youngins inside the house. Please show us your blessing!" Yoo Jaesuk added.


"Aaaaaahhh these are all heavyweight celebrities," Park Myungsoo commented. "Suzy, Kim Yuna, G-dragon, wow! This house must weight tons now with the amount of the nation statuses inside. Our nation's first love, nation's fairy, nation's younger brother, nation's younger sister, nation's girl group leader, nation's boy group leader, waaaaaaahhhh. These are all celebrities with millions of fans!"

Jung Hyungdon then shared, "That's why a crowd of 10,000 are gathered around us right now because this morning, after we fetched the housemates from their respective entertainment companies..."


"...we leaked their identities to the press! In under eight hours of news circulation, the fans of these young celebrities formed a guerilla crowd with us here tonight. Welcome kids! Who is your Ultimate Icon?"


"Up to this very minute, none of the housemates know each other. How will these twentysomethings react at the sight of each other? Myungsoo, Hyungdon, what do you think?"

Park Myungsoo answered, "I think they would all be surprised. Some of them are known to be friends in real life, like Suzy and Kim Soohyun (CHEERS) and G-dragon and Park Soojoo (CHEERS). But the rest, I don't think they've ever met."

"Who are you most interested in?"

"Of course our nation's fairy, Kim Yuna. This is her first variety show appearance since she debuted as an athlete. Are you excited for Kim Yuna?" Jung Hyungdon asked the crowd.



Meanwhile, inside the house, all the ten housemates have been successfully escorted to their spot in the living room couch. They were all still blindfolded, drowned in the silence of the house, as well as the lighting of the well-lit and well-surveilled home. All ten celebrities were made up as if they were attending a grand awards ceremony. The flashiest of them all was the fashion icon, G-Dragon. He dyed his hair pink, wore a flashy Louis Vuitton ensemble from head to toe, his Chrome Hearts, Ambush, and Chow Tai Fook jewelries more than the other nine celebrities combined. His every moved caused a blinging sound that captured the attention of all the other housemates. 

Kwon Jiyong, aka G-Dragon, however, strangely got nervous. He could have sworn he heard a familiar sigh beside him. Who was the housemate sitting beside him? Why did her sigh sound so familiar, as if he's heard it all his life?

"Hello kids, this is your elder, Yoo Jaesuk. How is everyone?"

"Jaesuk hyung?"

"Yoo Jaesuk?"

"Nation's MC Yoo?"

The young celebrities all wondered, hearing each other's voice for the first time. When the one beside Jiyong said, "We're fine Jaesuk oppa," he felt more nervous. There shan't be any mistaking with that voice. That calming voice. Could it be...

"You may now remove your blindfold, look around you to familiarize yourself with your housemates, and meet me via the flatscreen TV in front of you."

Without further ado, Jiyong removed his blindfold, his accessories making so much noise. The first thing he did was look to his right, because the familiar sigh and the familiar voice came from there. The lady took time to remove her blindfold, and her blonde hair was similar to the shade that every other female celebrity wore. He needed to see her face to confirm.

While the other housemates already looked around to meet one another, Jiyong became fixated to his seat mate.

"Taeyeon unnie?" someone said, and this was the lady just beside Jiyong. 

Holy , what is she doing here? Oh god, I have to turn my back on this or we'd be found! Kiko's going to watch this. . . ! 

Jiyong's heart beat so wildly, because this was much unexpected. YG sent him here blind, unknowing of what to expect, of who to expect. All he was told was that he needed to project a brotherly image and showcase his good leadership to get the public's approval. He knew he would live inside a house with 200 cameras, disconnected from the outside world for 100 days. He knew he would undergo tests, tasks, challenges. But he didn't know that SNSD's leader would be a part of this too. Suddenly, all his plans melted down.

He accepted the project to get to the public's good books, and to let the public know of his burning passion and true love for Mizuhara Kiko, an entity that the Korean netizen just hated for now. Jiyong thought that if he talked about her in a good light, if he told of her stories showing her kindness and purity of heart, that they would learn to accept her. But Kim Taeyeon's appearance just messed up Jiyong's hidden agenda.

"Taeyeon unnie, oh my god I'm so happy!" the person who kept shouting was Bae Suzy of miss A. The nation's first love was sat just beside Jiyong, and she was excitedly jumping up and down from her chair, reaching out to Taeyeon. "G-Dragon sunbae, you're here too! I'm so glad I'm not the only idol. Hello sunbaes!"

Suzy was extra-enthusiastic, and so were the other housemates like Kim Soohyun and Kim Woobin. But G-Dragon was still fixated on that one housemate that ruined all his plans for this broadcast production.


"We can see that you are all surprised with each other's presence. Housemates, meet your fellow housemates and get to know each other very well. They will be your friends, teammates, and roommates for the next 100 days inside this house."

Surprised? Surprised?! Oh shoot, Baekhyun will see this. What should I do? Is it too late to turn away? Oh my God, help me!

Taeyeon was calmly and silently panicking, although all she wanted to do was shout and walk away. The fate was testing her. Not only was G-Dragon here inside the house, participating in this revolutionary MBC television show, he was also sat beside her, and he was looking at her as if there was no other housemate existing!

Back off Kwon, or the viewers will get suspicious. Oh my God. This can't be happening!

Good thing Suzy was being enthusiastic, as this gave Taeyeon the opportunity to get out of Jiyong's piercing gazes. He hated his presence here. Not only did it make her stomach jump, it also made her heart crash to the floor with nervousness. Now her plans for inside the house was ruined, because Jiyong's constanct appearance in her life would confuse her mind, her feelings, her calm heart.

Ottoke? Ottoke!? This show was supposed to be my way to make the public accept my relationship with Baekhyun. Why does Jiyong have to appear to make my life hell AGAIN?!


"Welcome to the House of Twentysomethings, the house that will test all the young icons of this generation. In the end, only one of you will be voted as the Ultimate Icon. The public, the netizens, the viewers, will judge your character after 100 days. All of you will have the opportunity to stay until the last day, proving yourself to everyone. Every week, the PDs, Council of the Elders, and all ten of you, will evaluate each other. Combined, we will rank the top 3 best icon every week. In the end, netizen comments, netizen downvotes and upvotes, website activity, online polls, street surveys, text votes, Youtube views and the housemate votes will crown the Ultimate Icon. To ensure that not only those with the biggest fandom--"

"SNSD and Big Bang leaders are here, how can we compete?" joked Kim Woobin, to which Yoo Seungho and Moon Geunyoung agreed to.

"--can win this, we ensured that there is equal opportunity for every single viewer to make a decision. Polls, text votes and views alone wouldn't be enough to crown the winner. You have 100 days to prove your worth. Good luck housemates!"

"Hello housemates, I am Park Myungsoo, one of your council of the elders."

"And I am Jung Hyungdon, also a member of the council. G-dragon, just because we had a special relationship in the past doesn't mean I'll go easy on you. How have you been, honey?"

All the housemates laughed, but G-Dragon became so embarassed and just shook his head. "This is not that variety show hyung."

"Arasseo, arasseo," JHD replied, also laughing. "Taeyeon, you're also my ex-wife, but no special treatment, okay?"

Crap. Oppa just had to single us out. Taeyeon thought, then she answered, "Understood, oppa."

"Tonight, get to know each other very well. The PD will call you one by one for an interview later. You will find out the first weekly task tomorrow. In the meantime, Park Taehwan-ssi, can you take care of the fishbowls on the table? The lighter one is for the girls. Every housemate must pick a piece of paper, as this will determine your roommate in the next 2 weeks."

"There are 2 pairs of similar images in each bowl, which signifies the roommate. The odd one out would have to be paired with the other odd one from the opposite . Yes, housemates, one male and female would have to stay in one room, with separate beds of course."


"That's awkward!"

"OMG, seriously?"

"This is a test of character, so pick your fate now," Yoo Jaesuk explained from the TV.

"I got a fish, who got a fish?" Suzy asked, and actress Moon Geunyoung raised her hand. Suzy immediately sat beside her, and they introduced themselves to one another.

"I got a cabbage," swimmer Park Taehwan said, and the quiet actor Yoo Seungho raised his hand.

"I got a pig. Who got a pig photo?" Kim Soohyun asked, laughing. Kim Woobin raised his hand.

Crap. I'm the odd one out. The housemates were quick to recognize this, and they all teased G-Dragon. The Big Bang leader would stay in a room with the opposite . Everyone recognized the potential scandal and talk surrounding that event.

"Nice one bro!"

"I got a cow. Who got a cow?" skater Kim Yuna announced. Jiyong wished Yuna would be the odd one out instead of Taeyeon. How fated would it be if it was Taeyeon?

"I got it," another woman said. Looking up, now Jiyong noticed it was actually high fashion model Park Soojoo, his favorite noona. He asked, "Noona, you're here too?!"

"Yeah I am Kwon. You got too fixated on Soshi's leader you didn't even recognize my presence?" she teased.

. I should have told her never to tease me with another woman, most especially not Taeyeon.

"Whoah, so you're the odd woman out Taeyeon unnie?" Suzy deduced.

Shoot. Yeah I am. My gosh, why do I have to be singled out with Jiyong all the time? Why is fate doing this? Taeyeon recognized that she must be flushing red at this point, so she tried her best to calm down. 

"Yeah, SNSD and Big Bang in one room! Looks like the show will be the talk of the town even just on episode 1," Kim Soohyun, who was unexpectedly bubbly and ongoing, further teased. Jiyong just shrugged it off and laughed with the guys.

But Taeyeon was silently panicking. Her eight other members must be on a red alert now as they watched this variety show live. Afterall, aside from Jiyong and herself, the eight members of SNSD also knew the very reason why it was problematic for G-Dragon and Kim Taeyeon to be under one roof.

Worst, inside one room.

"Guess it's the two of us Taeyeon-ssi," Jiyong politely said, holding out a hand to her.

He used formal speech. He held out his hand for an introduction. He's definitely pretending we don't know each other. Good. That's good. Let's stick to that plan. Taeyeon held out her hand and smiled too, "I guess so. I call dibs on the bigger and softer bed, the large closet, and first use of the bathroom."

This made the other housemates choke out in laughters, and Jiyong did so as well.

That night, the blast from the past starts. The world outside shook with various talks about the controversial new reality show. The VIP and Sone fandom went menboong at the fact that their leaders would sleep inside one room. Parents and elders in the society became upset, voicing out their disdain for the show's promotion of opposite sleeping in one room. Casual viewers became hooked, especially knowing the national prides Kim Yuna and Park Taehwan were in the house.

Inside the house though, the housemates didn't sleep, as they stayed up to get to know each other over hot chocolate, tea and coffee. 

What will day 2 bring? What's the daily activity? What's the first weekly task? Stay tuned!



Elder Jaesuk asked, "Of the nine housemates you met, who are you most curious of and want to get closer to? Pick one male and female housemate."

Soohyun: G-dragon seems cool, and I like his clothes and accessories. For the females... of course it's Kim Yuna, our nation's fairy.

Woobin: I've always wanted to be closer to Jiyong hyung, so I'm glad he's here with me. I'll be sure to be closer to him inside the house. As for the ladies, I'm so interested in Kim Yuna. She's... pretty in person... but she's too shy. 

Seungho: I think G-dragon-ssi is very interesting. It seems fun to be his hoobae. Also Yuna-ssi, our national pride. These two, I'd like to be closer to.

Taehwan: Aaaaaaahhhhh... I'm good friend with Big Bang's TOP, and he always planned on introducing me to GD. It just never happened due to our schedules. Now that we're here, we can get to know each other. I also want to be friends with fellow Olympian Kim Yuna.

G-dragon: For the male, I'd like to be Woobin's friend. He's a great hoobae, and we've known each other for a while. We just haven't had the chance to hang out. I hope we can hang out here inside. About the females... I don't want to cause trouble to them. But I want to say... Kim Yuna... our nation's pride. I'm sorry, I hope the fans don't put any weight on this.

Suzy: GD oppa for sure! He's very cool. I am also curious about... Kim Yuna-ssi? She is our fairy, so I want to be friends with our fairy.

Geunyoung: G-Dragon is very outgoing and interesting. Kim Yuna is a person everyone wants to be friends with, including me.

Soojoo: Kim Yuna, go Korea!!! And since I'm scared of the fan girls... I'll just say Jiyong, because VIPS already know me anyway. Hello VIPs, don't hate unnie, arrasseo?

Yuna: For the ladies... I want to be close to Taeyeon unnie again. We sang with each other years back, but never got the chance to hang out again. I miss her. For the gentlemen... aaaaahhhh I'm shy to say this. Please don't be mad at me. But... I'm... a VIP. Aaaaahh, I'm very sorry! (bows continously). I just like Big Bang and GD oppa's music. Oppa? Did I say oppa... I mean.... aaaaah, sorry VIPs! (bows again).

Taeyeon: Kim Yuna-ssi, let's be friends again, okay? For the men, I want to be closer to Park Taehwan. Nation's Olympians, lez go!



1. Nation's fairy, pride, sister, brother, first love, girl group, boy group, young actor... so what is Kim Woobin and Park Soojoo doing inside? THEY ARE NOBODIES! Why are they housed with such heavyweights?
2. Careful what you say. Underdogs tend to win the game.

1. Taengkyungverymuch. Lol. Is Baekhyun going menboong? Scared that his flirt of a GF will fish for the G-dragon instead?

1. Very G-dragon-biased! Please give airtime to the others as well. This night alone, G-dragon was singled out by the Elders, Taeyeon, and the fact that all the other eight housemates picked him as their favorite. This is blatant favoritism! 
2. It's okay to single out Kim Yuna, as she's the nation's pride. But G-Dragon? Seriously? G-Druggin? EEEEEEWWWW. Yeah he has a title, the nation's druggie!

1. HERE FOR GD AND YUNA! Yuna's fangirling was very endearing. Who would have thought our nation's fairy is a regular fangirl like us?
3. I love Suzy and Soohyun's relationship.

1. Park Soojoo's personality seem fun, and she's the eldest too. She may not have a nation's status, but her personality is very fun and attractive. Let me give her a title now --- nation's noona!
2. Suzy was overly enthusiastic it's almost irritating, like she wants to be close with everyone. Stop trying so hard.
3. Kim Yuna was quiet, but her smile and cuteness is overloading. She is the ultimate terminator. She can do nothing and we'd all vote for her in the end! The only deserving icon tbh.
4. If GD or Taeyeon wins this, I will kill myself. Idols as Ultimate Icon? PUHLEAAZE. Here for Kim Yuna!



Welcome 80 Gtae shippers! I hope you enjoy this fun variety show slash fiction. I will do my best to make it enjoyable for you.

Stay tuned!


"The first weekly task is to collect 1,330 hours of awake time. This means everyone must sacrifice some sleep to reach the goal by end of the week. Strategize, plan, execute. Good luck housemates!"

The plan was going great, almost. One key thing was being overlooked: Who's going to keep Kwon Jiyong up? Worse, if he fell asleep, who's going to wake him up?

Taeyeon was conflicted on whether she shall reveal this information to everyone. She, afterall, knew what it took to keep Kwon Jiyong awake, or to wake him up. But this meant revealing to the world how and why she knew this personal information. 

Really, how and why did she know this?



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