I Couldn't Stay Away


Jongin needed to show his mom that arranged dates were absurd and Kyungsoo just managed to show up at the right time. A heated one night stand leaves Baekhyun pregnant. And Sehun only keeps his hot, new boyfriend because of his wealth. Maybe love is messed up.


Pairings: Kaisoo, Baekyeol, Hunhan

Genre: Office AU, Celebrity AU, Mpreg, Romance, Comedy, Drama

Warnings/Triggers: mentions of , violent curse words, (later on)







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1aayat4 14 streak #1
Chapter 33: I liked the story but the end through me off . It seemed a little rushed
Chapter 4: Why are you calling Lay a "bride"? He's a man. If Baek is gonna be called a mom or something I'm out, even though I liked the fic so far but I can't anymore with that constant misgendering that's happening in fics, it's just tiring me out
forteOrange #3
Chapter 22: omg hereeee the troubleeee!!!!
alienatedhuman #4
congrats on getting featured ♡
Chapter 14: i'm hyped for hunhan XDDD
Chapter 10: Aww still rooting for Hunhan !
God bless the popular tag for showing me this story ❤
Chapter 33: Hell yes, Sehun, moms are definitely the best source of "truth".
Chapter 32: Awwww...
I'm glad that they are all happy!
Thank you for sharing this fan fiction, Author-chan! I loved it!