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Hellow, I'm Kim Yong sun, but call me Solar
I'm a nice and careful person

mhh, I love taking pictures and stuff
this here is my wonderful boyfriend. 
Nam Woohyun, I call him lovely... Pabohyunie.


This is Woohyun, hot I know *winks* but yeah
he is kinda the forcing type of boyfriend and we are
actually together because of the most liked persons at school (?) 
I'm not sure of how much love is between us, he prefers
to hang out with his gang... called Infinite. 
this gang is quiet annoying

guess right, not bad looking and the kingas.. 
I'm one of the queenkas... this are my best friends... 
Moon Byul Yi, Jung Whee In and Ahn Hye Jin,
but call them

Moonbyul Wheein and Hwasa!

They know nearly everything... and anything about me..
But find out what they are like!
Pshh.. secreteu

and yeah... this is... 
Choi Jonghyun, Changjo... 
I met him once.. on my vacation
I didn't think about meeting him just once again
and I didn't know he knows Woohyun... or Infinite.. 
Enemies... well quiet hot

and for sure he has his own gang... godness , ..
Do they all feel cool with their gangs? 
Whatever... it's Teen Top... 

and now... find out about my secret... life.




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cjmoo_ 238 streak #1
Chapter 12: So did Solar manage to break up with Woohyun? Don't quite get the part where his father told him to not treat her bad again.
cjmoo_ 238 streak #2
Chapter 10: Woohyun's grating on my nerves. And ugh both his parents and Solar's parents... Gonna be hard for Solar to break up with him :O
So Jennie will be adding on to this drama huh...
Just a suggestion, maybe you can make paragraphs shorter? So that it'll be easier to read. :)
cjmoo_ 238 streak 1 points #3
Chapter 9: Whoa, so many things happening.
Must have been painful for Solar to see Woohyun in that position even though she's been with Changjo.
Will Solar and Changjo be endgame??
cjmoo_ 238 streak #4
Chapter 8: I thought something would happen between Changjo and Solar...
cjmoo_ 238 streak #5
Chapter 7: Lol how obvious can Solar be xD
I really wonder what she wants! She's holding to both but like she's hurting herself and everyone else in the process??
cjmoo_ 238 streak #6
Chapter 5: Nice to see through Changjo's POV!
I suppose they might get caught by Solar... or maybe not...
cjmoo_ 238 streak #7
Chapter 4: Solar's being ridiculous. Friends?? Poor Woohyun!
cjmoo_ 238 streak #8
Chapter 2: Nooo Solar why you do this!!
cjmoo_ 238 streak #9
Chapter 1: Wow Solar... That's cheating :(
poltrgeist #10
seems cool.