A Sudden Realisation


Hani didn’t know why Chanyeol always put his band as the first thing on his list while she always put him first. Not until she finally realised, maybe— just maybe, she would never be Chanyeol’s dream.

So that’s it, she was better off from Chanyeol’s life. 

Meanwhile, DO had always thought Hani was the sister he never had, but then when they had to be separated, DO knew Hani was more than a sister for him— much, much more than that.

So when DO and Hani finally met again, DO was thankful that he was given a chance to show Hani that after all this time, she was the one that DO wanted.



"If-- If I have to go to London, then I don't think I can continue this. This thing. Between us."

"Your band is your dream."



"...And now I can be with you again, I don't want to waste this chance just like what I did five years ago."

"..Can I officially claim you as my sun? My only sun?"


So well yeah, this is an Indonesian fanfic with Chanyeol and Kyungsoo as the main character.

And also the original character is named after my friend.

Basically, I made this fanfic for her. We actually have this 'war' of fanfiction where she sends me her fanfiction with me as the main character and I send her one, and we make it as angst as possible just because we like to torture each other. 

But I'm thinking of writing this on AFF so yep. 

I hope you enjoy this! 


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fearlessgee #1
Chapter 9: I've read this story from the beginning. and suddenly remembered again yesterday while playing to lembang,,, I hope this story will be continued..:)
yeejia #2
Chapter 9: Seneng banget gak tau kenapa sejak awal baca ff ini sumpah bikin delu paraaaaaahhhhhhhhhh park chanyeol anakband!au aaarrrrrrrwwwwhhhhhhh dan serius sih ini entertaining abis ya aku bisa senyum sendiri kalo inget ff ini duh delu makin parah bahkan kemarin aku baca dari foreword sampe chap 8 sampe lupa tidur lol gak tau lagi deh pcy emang future material sangat dah ah pokoknya sering update aja deh nyesel banget baru nemu ini kemaren if only nemunya sejak foreword kotak komen udah aku rusuhin panjang panjang kaya gini kali hahaha nyampah sekali
ah enough until here and the main thing is banyak banyak banyak cinta buat a sudden realisation hahahh <3