It (Lies) In the Heart

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Yoongi hates the idea of love, and his heart might be playing tricks on him.

Jimin hates the idea of love, but Yoongi might be everything he's ever wanted.

aka the pseudo-soulmate!au




"Your heart tells the truth. Deep inside, you can feel it rapidly beat, the butterflies in your stomach.
Your heart is your life source, the thing that keeps you constant. Your heart is the reason why love is so important.

Because while your mind tells you "no"...your heart tells you how you really feel.

That is why the CardiSoul is here for you, today. Using ground-breaking technology,
there will be no need for confusion in your love life anymore.

Welcome to a lifetime where you are able to find the one you love, where there is
no need for jealousy, non-reciprocation, and hatred. A lifetime where you can live easily
with the person you are meant for--a lifetime that you don't need to worry about being alone.
A lifetime where no one need harm one another because they have someone to live for.

That is exactly why CardiSoul has been named the greatest invention of the millenium.
Today, we introduce you to the upgraded version with more accuracy and that is why you, too, should embrace it today."


It's the year 3022 and Yoongi still grips his chest and turns away from the advertisment playing on the billboard. He has seen various versions of that commerical for that product all throughout his life. And he hates it. He hates the idea of love.




Hi guys, this has been kind of a thing I've wanted to write for while now.

It is inspired by this amazing artwork/post

It's going to be really long, so...yay!

A quick disclaimer though: This is a future!college!AU. The university life described reflects my own experience in attending an American university, but because the story takes place in Korea (even though there may be little/no mentions of it), there may or may not be drastic differences, please bear with me;;

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mrlasagna #1
Chapter 8: I'm loving this progress and the little bit of jealousy in the both of them. Yoongi got inspiration from Jimin!!!! Ahhh!!!! Also while I'm here I want to apologize for my comment asking for an update back in April. I feel so bad and I'm kinda embarrassed to be back commenting. I hate seeing comments begging for updates or anything at all and now I'm doing it I'm so sorry. I really love this story so much and I love your writing, it makes me so happy haha
mrlasagna #2
Chapter 6: Welcome back!! Hope you're doing alright :]
I love this story so much wow haha I'm hella sad tho
mrlasagna #3
Chapter 5: This is wonderful, please update! I need to know what happens next lol
lalalaeden #4
Chapter 5: update authornim ? <3
pls update <3
Kaynne #6
Chapter 5: Ja esta tão bonitinho
Chapter 5: This story is, if not the best, one of the best yoonmins I've read. I really like the concept of the CS thing and the fact that the two who hates love somehow finds each other and starts falling for one another >o<
I read your blog post and I'm really sorry that had to happen to you.... I really enjoy this story and I hope to read till the end, but I totally understand if you're discourage from writing more at the moment ^^
Gabibarrib #8
Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Author-nim, will there be new chapters? At all? I've read your note on what happenned but it's been a while( a long while) since the last update and I'm starting to lose hope that i'll ever be able to read te end of his story.... I'm sorry if this annoys you but I really like the story and I'd love to read more. Thank you for your work until now.
Chapter 5: hope you will update this soon. such a cute and funny story hehe
Candy64 #10
Chapter 5: Omg this is so awesome !! Love it and this last chapters was the funniest. Please update soon!