What does your heart do when you see your friend lying on the ground… unmoving? Does it jump? Does it speed up or slow down? Does is remain the same? Or… does it fall and shatter into a million tiny pieces.


*I suggest listening to a sad song while you read this*


Jonghyun laughed as he watched Onew, Key and Minho fight over the mike. All wanting to sing the rap part of the song they were practicing.
“Let the professionals do it!” Minho shouted as he and Key laughed and pulled the microphone away from Onew’s grip.
“You never let me rap!” Onew grabbed it away with all his force. Taemin and Jonghyun watched from the edge of the stage. Taemin fell to his knees laughing at the three boys.

Jonghyun backed away, his hands on his legs, laughing until he was crying. Without realizing it he’d wondered too far towards the edge of the tall stage. When his ankle connected with a small speaker, Jonghyun toppled backwards. The last thing he felt was the same feeling you get when you’re on a rollercoaster… and falling fast. Then there was nothing. Only empty darkness.

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myrashafikah #1
Chapter 1: And jonghyun really leaves us...18th dec 2017...may he rest in peace...
Blinginglocket #2
Chapter 1: NO DDDDDD: you killed him, thanks for the warning, at the end of the story *sobs**sobs* DDDDDDDDDDD:
Chapter 1: why you killed him? you shattered my heart into pieces *crying*
KimOffy #4
how about a sequel?? let me know if u have anything in mind!!
KimOffy #5
that was saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!! like major sad!!! poor jjong TTTT~TTTT ah onew what would u do? *crying*
DewDrops0330 #6
This seems very intersting :)