Capture the Love

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The story of two photographers who found each other through the forces of destiny. Will their friendship develop into something else--something deeper, romantic, and exquisite? 



I'd like to say that I hope you find this story interesting as much as I do.

Chaera interactions are too cute that these affect me so much to the point that I think they are really meant for each other. I know some will say I'm delusional, but who cares? I know I'm delusional. I am hopelessly hoping that there's really something romantic going on between those two.

But not everything I like about them is associated with romance, I admire their friendship so much too. True friends are hard to find these days, but I can see that true friendship exists in Chaera.

I know we all enjoy the feeling of seeing this OTP together. So enjoy this story and let's continue shipping Chaera till the end of time!


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Issagu #1
Chapter 17: Omg Thank you for update uwu <3
che21lo15 #2
Chapter 17: Wow love this chapter..tnx for the update but hope you will update soon the next chapter.
Chapter 17: Omg, this story is updated!! Finally, I missed this fic. Short chapter but it's fine. Looking forward to the next chapter.. Please don't be away for too long again.
ahille #4
Chapter 17: I read this for the first time and i like it!!! Update soon
Chapter 17: Omo you updated ^_^ thank you thank you so so so so much for continuing this story author-nim :)
so you won't update this anymore? how sad :(
Chapter 16: Updateeeee authornim jebal
chaeradiction #8
Chapter 16: Aghhhhhh please update ?!!! Cause its getting better, the more i read it the more i love it
hayzulnut #9
Chapter 16: Updateeeeee!!!! This chaera is awesome!!!! Thanks authornim ^^
mikichow11 #10
Chapter 16: Wa, why i dint notice this before..good story.... pls continue update once u ready^^