unseen beauty.


"You should know, sometimes,

the rain is beautiful too, people

just don't see it."


Min Hee was literially a bad girl, her grades were always borderline, her hair always with crazy
bright neon colors, 2-3 piercings on each ear. But what happens if she meets the strictest person on earth?

What worse is the person, is her teacher, who she will see everyday until the school year ends.

He glares at you with those dark eyes
She scares you with those emotionless expressions

He fills your heart with fear.
She makes you cringe.

Both of them were scary
but in a different way. 

This is the story of a twisted fate and a mixed path of both of them.



"You have no idea, how much i'm willing to sacrifice just to able to openly flirt with her."
"So unless you are in my shoes, you can just keep the lying lips of yours close."

Zhang Yixing, you can never read him by his expressions, even when he smiles.
His dimples are just another weapen to kill you, his height makes you feel towered,
his curly hair begs you to touch them like a delicate pillow. Everything about him,
has it's perfection and pulls you in like butterflies get attracted to nector. People say
its them who are the butterflies while he, is nector that no one is able to claim as
their own. He's like the mimosa, once you try to get close to him, he closes up even
more than before. That is what makes him special. But he nor did he expect that one
day, he was the butterfly, a desperate little creature. 




"Do you anything else to say? I'm bored already, i'll just go home and leave you if you don't mind."
"If you are going to continue to insult me, i would rather you go home, write in your diary about everything
you hate about me and give it to me so i can burn it right in your face to tell you i don't give a ."

Park Min Hee, a girl who walks on her on, stands on her own, survives on her own.
Her parents left her when she was 16 years old. And at the moment, she decided to push
everyone away who tries to get close to her since she thinks that all they want is to take
advantage of her. She is beautiful, if it wasn't for her atitude, every boy would have sworn
over her but unfortuntely, that was not the case. She believes that nothing in the world is
good and you have to be bad in order to keep yourself un-touched, un harmed.








Okay so guys, maybe the foreword and description gives off a angsty feeling, that was what i was aiming for. I never tried writing angst but i think i should try.  please support by subscribing and leaving comments <3 I'm not a good writer, im just a teenager , younger than 19 years old who can't even write a good essay in school test but it does not keep me from the urges of writing a story about the idea that pops into my mind randomly. :)


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Taelin #1
author- nim i already like ur story , it's like an example from the real life , hwaitiing