Was it a Dream?


What really happened when Puff came to see Heechul on his birthday? Was it just a dream inside the mind of a jealous friend? Or, was it something destined to be?


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Annroy89 #1
Chapter 1: It's very late but OMG, It gives me diff feels reading this years later! A sequel sounds good if you have ideas")
Annroy89 #2
Chapter 1: This took quite an interesting twist and my heart was pounding through the whole fic:)
Coco98 #3
Chapter 1: Gunhee really pissed me off here HAHAHA reading this again after so long ! It would be great if you did another heepuff fanfic ! (Without gunhee being such a though lmao)
minia143 #4
Coco98 #5
Hope you do another HeePuff fic !
mimia25 #6
oh god gunhee whyyy! er :( lmao, great history! but i wish i knew what happened once gunhee left the hotel XD
Chapter 1: Hope it's real :)
Chapter 1: Wow what.. I want to know what happened for real o.o
Chapter 1: Omfg!!!!!! slakjsdklasjdlaskdjaskldjaskljdlkasjdklasj such amazing story I cRIIIi. mooooreeee juseyoooo~