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This is kinda do i describe this?? ... it includes Singing and dancing .... school life, romantic stuffs, and also very love dramatic , so i guess and hope you'll love it and ... SUPPORT IT~


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Youngmin -- shy, simple, but loving guy..charismatic, cute     Chunji -- cold type of guy, handsome, and very charismatic guy         You/Yumi - shy but very talented... and also with a glasses on  --     dancing room -- music room --       ________________________________________________________________________ PREVIEW:    School is over and you don't have that much to do...every morning you jug out at the park near your neighborhood... your mother suggested that you should take singing and dancing lessons ... you agreed and you will start your lessons tomorrow.. you schedule is from 8:30am - 11:00am Singing lessons... while from 1:00 pm - 6:00pm is your Dancing lessons     will you choose a singer or a dancer after they confess??   a singer who is always nagging, and snobbing you ..but learned to love you.. or a dancer who is always dancing because he loves you...but he's not that  brave to let you know what he feels....     will you continue you to love someone you firstly doesn't love you  or go the the one who is waiting to have the courage to tell you.....................   SUBSCRIBE~~

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Chapter 56: Ouh..i realy hope that she will end up with youngmin..but anyway,nice to read your story
AisyahFA #2
Chapter 57: authornim you are DAEBAK i only read this fanfic in 2 days and even all the chapter are kinda short but your story are full of meaning in love..Chukahae :)
LunarPrincess #3
LOL i readed this about 5-6 mounths ago, and now after finally making an account I found it, it was a good think i subscribed to your polyvore :)
ㅋㅋㅋ. Chunji was just waiting for Yumi to kiss him
Is this story about youngmin or chunji? If this is youngmin fanfics i will stay reading..if not i'll say goodbye...(whew sorry....i really loved youngmin
leny_kpop #6
@siti_nktc- thanks for the comment....i appreciate it..... i guess you know the couple already...:D GOD BLESS YOU!~~
familiar couple???omo...<br />
don't say that....that it younggie....*i hope not*<br />
chunji so impatience....hahaha....xD<br />
leny_kpop #8
@kpopgirl366 - hehhe..i'm sorry..hehehe....let's just see what will happen~~hehehe...we'll never know~hehehe..:D:D<br />
@siti_nktc -youngminnie..he's just around don't worry~`<br />
<br />
<br />
STAY TUNED!~hope to see more comments from my other readers~!
uwaaah!younggie! where are you?????<br />
this cannot happen......<br />
i want yumi with younggie....(even though chunji is my bias in teen top)<br />
i root for youngmin and yumi...<br />
i really want yumi and Youngmin to be together~^^