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Having trouble looking for EXO fanfics?

Here are a list of amazingly written fanfics ^^


Everybody, please comment some good fanfics you guys enjoy. 


Also, if you see two letters together like LS (Luhan, Sehun) , it is the start of the two exo member's name.

If you just see the start of one or two members' name on the title WITHOUT the [Y] on it, it means there is an OC and it is not

E.G LK - Guardian of an obnoxious . It means that it is not and you are included in it (OC)

[Y] - Means

Most common pairings: (The letters could be swapped around sometimes And, the pairins can be different in every fanfic, they may not nessacerly be included below)

LS [Luhan and Sehun]                                              KK [Kai and Kyungsoo]

TK [Tao and Kris]                                                      XC [Chen and Xiumin]

BC [Baekhyun and Chanyeol]

SL [Lay and Suho]


BTW, if the link to this fanfics do not work, I am very sorry. I cannot figure out why I cannot hyperlink it.I fsomebody can help, please PM me.


Mianhe~ These explanations are really bad, I am hopeless at explaning. 

Enjoy this long list of amazing and wonderfully written fanfics~

WARNING: these stories may mess up your bias list!



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