Version 2

Coming of Age
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-Coming of Age Ver. 2-



Jinyoung arrived in their dorm a bit late, a bit? Nah it’s an understatement, it’s already past 12 midnight actually.  Jinyoung isn’t the type to arrive that late in their dorm, it’s not like they are really allowed to go out alone and return to the dorm that late. They have curfews but that day was an exemption. Why? Well it’s not just an ordinary day since that day well technically yesterday (since it’s already morning) was his coming of age day.

He attended the ceremony and later on celebrated it with his family and friends. Jinyoung was supposed to be home around 8 in the evening but his 2pm hyungs, gave him a coming of age celebration since he reached that certain age in his life where he can finally do things an adult can do.

They had a feast. Jinyoung enjoyed eating a lot of delicious food and since he reached that age he didn’t escape drinking a bit of alcohol too.  His 2pm hyungs were considerate of course, they didn’t give him too much, just a taste of it.

The celebration lasted for hours. Jinyoung enjoyed every bit of it thus the reason why he was late going home. Their manager was with him so he won’t get scolded, or that’s what he hopes, of course.

After saying goodbye to their manager, Jinyoung locked the door and proceed to his room. The dorm is quiet; obviously his fellow Got7 members are already sleeping.

Jinyoung walk silently to his room, he’s tired and sleepy and he really just want to rest.  When he reached his room, he carefully opens the door and closes it gently.

Jinyoung still hasn’t the lights when he suddenly feels like he’s being stared at. He slowly turns around, facing his bed, and then almost had a heart attack when he sees that someone is sitting on his bed. It only takes him seconds to realize the familiar figure and know who it was.

“Mark hyung, you almost gave me a heart attack! And now my heart’s beating faster.” Jinyoung said and then let out a pout.

Mark gets off the bed and starts walking towards him. Jinyoung hears him chuckles.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you like that. But then, didn’t I always make your heart beat faster when I’m around? You told me that yourself.” Mark said, obviously teasing him.

Jinyoung blushed hearing the response of the redhead. They all said Mark’s the quiet, the shy and the awkward one but then when he’s with Jinyoung he’s quite different. When he’s with him, he’s a tease and really loves making Jinyoung blush.

Mark likes to see how strong his effect on him. He likes to see, how his mere presence affects his cute boyfriend. (Just like how Jinyoung had the same effect on him.)

Yes, boyfriend. Jinyoung and Mark are in a relationship. Everyone with an eye could see how close and affectionate the two with each other. Sure they have skin ship with the other Got7 members but when it comes to them it’s different.

“Yah stop teasing me. And why are you waiting here without turning the lights on? It’s so dark.” Jinyoung just said as he tries to escape Mark’s teasing. Jinyoung starts searching for the switch of the light but before he could turn it on, he felt Mark touching him and found himself pinned, trapped between the door and Mark’s body.

“M-mark hyung?” Jinyoung call the redhead’s name.

Mark didn’t answer and instead he leans forward and without warning he captures Jinyoung’s lips in a kiss.

The kiss started as sweet and light before it turns passionate. Mark’s lips move against Jinyoung’s . He gently bit on his boyfriend’s bottom lip, asking for entrance. Jinyoung gladly opens up for him. Mark slips his tongue inside his mouth, tasting the sweet cavern that is Park Jinyoung.

Mark explore Jinyoung’s sweet cavern and Jinyoung let him. He loves Mark’s kisses and he certainly won’t deny Mark of anything. Jinyoung close his eyes as he slowly gets lost on the sensati

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