When your days are numbered, would you give yourself a chance to love someone?




This is originally a one-shot I made for Miss KaiffeineAddict because she loves Jongin and she has special interests in the "Jugun Ianfu" topic, so I did and maybe this is crap but I've tried my best. I didn't intend to post this here at first but because SOMEONE is having his birthday party today (You, Mr. Byun, I'm talking about you and your sassy ), I decided to think like "What the hell? Let me make my readers happy too!" so think of this as a random gift from me (Yes, I KNOW you guys want me to update The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun first and believe me when I say I am working on it, guys, just give me more time okay? kekeke~)

Okay, let me clarify something first. I DON'T HAVE anything against Japanese people. I honestly think they're brilliant and lovely and just so talented in many ways. I do not hold grudges and I don't hate them at all. I wrote this because I used to read a lot about "Comfort Women" when I was writing my final thesis and the idea of it intrigued me so I just did this for fun. What's written here is probably (or more likely, mostly) different than what happened in real life so please don't take any of this seriously.

Oh and also, the poem that Kai read to her in the middle of story wasn't written by me (I only wrote the first and the last ones) but I forgot who wrote it (I found it on tumblr). So if you guys know who it is, let me know, okay? Thanks!

With that in mind, happy reading, guys! :)


One of my most precious readers, SakuraYuki, made a beautiful trailer for my story. You can watch it here and give her some love!


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Chapter 1: This was so beautiful. Jongin is such a beautiful soul, I imagine him like this in real life. A warm tender kind hearted and sweet person.
I'm sad that Luhan died and Haiwen died too but so angry that Sakamoto is still alive!
hesmyhope #2
Chapter 1: the fact that sakamoto is still alive is making it more sad T.T
Omg i really like this. I felt like I watching a film in here. I love this fic. Thankyou author-nim. Good job.
Chapter 1: Without knowing.. letter by letter.. the tears keep falling.. I suppost to go to sleep but still awake.. why I didn't found this before?? This fic just make people really hoping that they escaped. That all japanese soldier in this fic died. That Jongin still alive. They are so cruel killing a mother and a baby :(
Wow just of the best I've read
so beautiful but so sad...
Chapter 1: Not funny this is so sad.
THIS IS SO HEART WRENCHING OH MY GOSH. I'm so happy that such a story exists! This is one of my favorite stories on this website and, ughhhhhhh, it was just so beautiful. How come the stories about war and army battle camps are so good?
atyaf12 #9
Chapter 1: Oh wooow , I can't even say anything, it's just a tragic but a beautiful and inspirational one at that, thank you for such an amazing story :)
Chapter 1: I really have no's tragically beautiful...