Three Wishes for a Soul


Three lives. Three chances. Three wishes.

You better treasure it; keep it safe. Once lost, it's gone forever, and you will never get it back.


Legend has it that some humans have three lives - three chances to live again until they die. If a certain human ever gets into an accident, he or she will be saved by an angel. Then, they'd be left with just two more chances at life. If they get in another accident, then it's their last life. 

If no one loves or cares about a certain human then they will die. It doesn't matter how many people want that human alive. The only thing that matters is that someone does wish for them to stay alive; Even if it is only a single human being. 

That is why the legend is called:

Three Wishes For A Soul. 



"I thought you were never going to leave me..."

 Kim Jongin


"It was never my choice to make."

 Do Kyungsoo 


Though I've read many KaiSoo fanfics, this is by far the best – and the most original. The plot is great as well, it flows perfectly, and it captivates the reader. I can't even express it enough with words. This is literally the bomb. - ❝사랑 & 정직❞ ʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡ sʜᴏᴘ

Not even once I, as a reader felt like to giving up on reading of the story- and yet, every words and every sentences that I went through made me more eager to read what's next since the story flow did really organized accordingly based on the story plot. - SugaDooly Graphics and Review

I was thinking it would be the same cliché as the sad stories where Jongin or Kyungsoo dies and the other will be mourning and will kill himself. But no. This was unique in his genre. I liked it. I liked how I was so wrong about this. This was a heart breaking story. - Baekhug's Request Shop

Your plot was amazing! It was unique and original. I have never heard of a plot like this. I have read stories with similar writing syles, but your plot was completely new.  The story line was fantastic. - Enchanted Graphic and Review Shop

I don't think  I have enough words to describe this story. It's literacy at its finest, again; all sections are beyond amazing . I was left speechless and heartbroken by the end; these twists make me love it more than anything. This story will definitely remain in my top list - Pink Paris Review Shop

Three Wishes for a Soul is the kind of fanfiction that makes you wish it were longer than a oneshot so that you can fall in love again and again with every new chapter! - Spilled Ink | KaiSoo review Shop

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Im scarred af T___T
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do you mind if I want to translate your story?
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Chapter 1: I cried so much
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