Total Stranger Love? Season 2 (One Shot)


•Total Stranger Love? 



Three years ago... He left you and went to US to continue to study there.

Now, three years past, and he promised to comr back to Korea to see you again.

Will he? Or not?



Hey! So I'm officially going to end of this Total Stranger Love with a one-shot story of how will the both of them meet.

As I promised, I will write both sad and a happy ending since my readers are very.... supportive!


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cho-i_evelastfre #1
Chapter 2: The sad one is better though..
Chapter 2: *sniff* You made me cry~~~ *pout* *sniff* The message was so sad~
NamSooHyun #3
Chapter 3: I love the happy ending rather than sad ending . i love this story so much... Hwaiting for your another stories authornim . :))
Chapter 3: I hate u for making a sad ending.... uwaaa.......
Chapter 3: This is so ... sad ㅠㅠ Taekwoon died ㅠㅠ poor Yuna ~
WinterShadows #6
Chapter 1: OMG! This is so cute and beautiful ♡♡
I really love it!
Chapter 2: This is soo sad :( u're right to say this is a sad ending! Now i can choose the ending:-) anyway well done <3
Chapter 3: I can't believe you killed off Leo ㅠ.ㅠ this will be stuck in my mind for the rest of my life lol.
I think this needed a happy ending not a sad one. But I must tell you... that was one good plot twist ^-^
Great one shot :)