Real Story behind Jessica's Relationship


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Chapter 1: Wow!! Daebakk! thumbs up author-ssi.

I really hope that your story come true.
Yeah, Yulsic is forever and always a REAL :P
MinMin09 #2
Chapter 1: Awesome. Delulu fan here lol
cooljags #3
Chapter 1: Yulsic jjang ^^
PierreKY #4
Chapter 1: Another delulu shipper here~ but I really wish YulSic is real. ^^
igotaboy2 #5
Chapter 1: Yulsic is true
Kaka_Borneo #6
Chapter 1: Yulsic is real to me~
Chapter 1: Nice story author! Yulsic is always real in my heart :)
kwonjung9 #8
Chapter 1: i like u'r story au shi~
yulsic is real... even just in our delulu world..
Chapter 1: best 'reality' ever!! XD
Chapter 1: This is good:)
Even if YulSic is true, i dont think they will ever break the news to public.. so lets just continue to be delulu:)
God job on this one shot *thumbs up*