Our Destiny Chapter 1


"Sasuke!!!" I screamed. As I stood on the edge of the Konoha hill, on top of the Hokages. I stood on top of the 4th Hokage and started talking," Dad, do you think Sasuke will ever come back?" The wind gushed onto my face and my pigtails flew with the wind. 

"Naruko!!!" I heard someone calling. I turned back to find Ino, Sakura, Shikamaru and Sai standing behind me. "Hey guys! Here for some sightseeing too?" I quickly suggested a topic just in case they heard me shouting Sasuke's name just now.

Sasuke is my buddy and so is Kakashi sensei. I grew up with them. Kakashi sensei takes care of us very well. But one day, Sasuke disappeared without a trace. I don't even know if he is still alive but I'm not giving up my search for him! I'm definitely bringing my long lost buddy back to Konoha! Instead of treating Kakashi sensei like a teacher, I treat him more like a friend. He allows it of course. Makes me so happy :). We are like childhood friends.

Sakura said,"No. We were looking for you over the whole village!" "It was so troublesome though so I just sat at Ichiraku and they told me you were here," replied Shikamaru. "I told Uncle Ichiraku to not tell anyone! Dammit!" I mumbled. "We told him it was urgent. Hokage wants to see us," said Ino."Us? Aw yeah! Its been a long time since we had a mission! I'm starting to get bored around here!"

When we reached the Hokage's room, Tsunade-sama was looking out of the window. "Naruko, your mission is to find Sasuke and bring him back." Tsunade-sama said. I was shocked. I was wondering why she started talking about Sasuke. "You are the only person that can persuade him back. He says he wants to see you." I kept a calm stance and replied," Where?" She said," He said you will know." I said," Yes ma'am!" And sped off into the woods. I could hear Sakura and Ino say," Can we follow him?!?!" She replied them with a stern 'No.'

I dashed into the forest and to see Kakashi-sensei standing there. He seemed to alrdy know what had happened. "You received the news too, sensei?" I asked. "Yeah. Let's go." He replied. We hopped to the place where we always meet- the cave behind the waterfall. 


I am just a student. So don't blame me for my imagination!

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