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As the shop name told you, this is a review and advertisement shop. I promise to give you guys the best of our efforts, but please understand that I have a life outside of AFF too, and that I'm the only one running this shio. So don't, in any way, rush me. 

Stories which would receive a 90+ grade will be featured, and I'll only review the first 10 chapters of your story. 

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Review - These Beautiful Creatures - Claring95

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Author: BAPisPerfect
Author Link: x
Story Link: x

Story Description:

Luhan was always watching her from a distance. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't seem to erase her from his mind. He couldn't bear past the thought of leaving her forever, and because of that, his long-lost soul still lingered on the planet, invisible to the world. Even her. However, when he is given four days to spend with her, Luhan is both relieved and upset. It would be four days when he would be reunited with his love once more. But four days later, he will have to leave her again. And this time, forever.

Author: BearLover
Author Link: x
Story Link: x

Story Description:

Sehun was cheated on by his husband a week before their 1st year anniversary. They divorced on that special day. They met again after one year. But things changed. He changed and Sehun didn’t. Sehun still loves him, but the other had forgotten him. He had moved on but Sehun is barely hanging.

Author: Kalthoum

Story Description:

"He kissed my neck... Annoying me, upsetting me... But I still feel that good sensual feeling all around my body.". Heck, I hate him so much as I would go to hell instead of going with him... My ing life, a totally miserable life that I already hate... I hate them all. Waiting for the end of this year to go away of my pity. To go away of my dumb school, my dumb friends and my dumb cousin. "What will I do if I ever felt something towards him? I would never love the guy that I hated for the four years, I'd rather die then."

Author: blueleeyoorae

Story Description:

Hi, my name is Kim Kyungmi, Kim Taeyeon's sister.

My life has been hard, mostly because of how famous my sister is.

But then, she introduces me into a newly-debuted boyband called EXO.

My life changes.  Especially after I met him. That guy.

"So, it's you..."

Author: babyfanfan

Story Description:

What will happen when an A-list actor falls in love with his own maid? Kwon Yuri - a girl who lost her parents since a car accident. She haves to do a lot of work to live by her own. Then one day, she found a work, a dream work. Be the personal maid of Kris Wu - an A-list actor, every girls's dream. What will happen? Just like you thought, they surely will fall in love with each other. But how?

Author: GoldenPeace

Story Description: 

I haven't changed a bit. Three years, and I'm still that rich, annoying brat who gets in everyone's way. In his way. Our roles have changed. He's the bully now. And I'm the victim. Victim. Victim (italics). Bullying is never okay. They say if a person is a bully, they must have something in their life that prevents them from experiencing happiness. I have happiness. Happiness is when your favorite TV series airs a week earlier. Happiness is when you buy your favorite ice-cream and enjoy it with your friends. Happiness is a thought of a good life, freedom from suffering.

Only... is it really? I think I've lost it. Happiness. And everything else with it.

Author: trixchia
Author Link: x
Story Link: x

Story Description:

My Silver Aura is more than a gift, it’s my life line, and I would not do anything risky to lose it. I’m sure this place is just like any other place in the world, the males are weak and they turn blind with my irresistible and everlasting beauty. They think they’ve fallen in a turbulent storm of love but someone like me can’t love, it is in my nature, it is engraved in my soul and my silver eyes are a daily reminder. 

Advertisement end: September 11
Author Link: x
Story Link: x

Story Description: 

Advertisement end: 
Author Link: x
Story Link: x

Story Description:

Advertisement end: 
Author Link: x
Story Link: x

Story Description:

Advertisement end: 
Author: msrbcca
Author Link: x
Story Link: x

Story Description:

You'll never know what will happen if you fall in love with someone you can't love. The same thing might happen again for the second time. You just can't. You mustn't.

Advertisement end: 
Author Link: x
Story Link: x

Story Description:

Advertisement end: 
Author Link: x
Story Link: x

Story Description: 

Advertisement end: 
Author Link: x
Story Link: x

Story Description:

Advertisement end: 

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I promise to start working on those requests again as soon as sem break starts though! :) Thanks for understanding! :D

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B2utyful-Elf #1
Chapter 1: Hello :) I had just reactivated my account and seen that you guys finished my request :) I credited your shop in the foreword of my story. Goodness, I requested this ad last year hahaha ^_^ You must have been busy at the time, because I waited for the ad status, but whenever I checked it wasn't done. I though you guys dropped the shop :( So glad you didn't :) Thank you for your work!
Hi! I'm actually one of those under the pending list for the story reviews. I just want to inform your shop that I changed my username from "claring95" to "jarinoona". Thanks! :D
are you guys on hiatus?
Thank you so much for your review! I'm taking your opinions to the heart (in a good way). Thank you for your praises, and as of now, I shall give you feedback for your criticism on the "Plot, Flow, and Consistency" since it was indeed my main concern:

"Lack of description can cause confusion among readers. For example, I had no idea where they were in the first scene. I'm going to get an excerpt from the story."

Right when I read this, a lightbulb clicked in my head and I pinpointed exactly what you were talking about. I knew there had to be a reason I didn't like my first chapter lol. I always felt there was something wrong with it . . . like the scenes were jumping around too much . . . and you just found the reasons why. Too much dialogues and not enough about the settings and surroundings. Thank you for pointing this out!

As for everything else, thank you for being so detailed! I'm relieved that it gives me less to worry about.

Okay, I was gonna try to not be so damn conceited about myself, but your reaction of Sungyeol grabbing Jungkook made me laugh out loud xD (I must be crazy.)

I'm fixing the grammar mistakes right away!

And oh snap, 93.5! THANK YOU <3 Can't believe this story is worth featuring.

All in all, thank you for your hard work and I'm happy you enjoyed reading my story as much as reviewing it :D

P.S. I apologize for that comment spam. Do you have a working link to your banner? It doesn't show up under the "support us" section.
hi. do you advertise roleplays? :)
itsemmalee #6
I've requested for a review. thank you ^^
juuzou #7
requested for an AD. ♡
Hi, I requested for review of one of my fics entitled Keeping Facades! :-)