Loving All Of You

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Kira had always thought that she knew what her future held. The day she said “yes,” at the altar, she had drawn out exactly the direction she wanted her life to go in. It was a new chapter of her life and she had written out all the chapters from there on. At least, that is what she thought.

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Angelabelle #1
Angelabelle #2
Chapter 4: I love how much they love Kira I swear if they ever stop loving her I’ll hate everything omg )
ToriOstro #3
Chapter 5: Im dreading the part where Zoe comes in bc she is gonna ruin the relationship between EXO and Kira
Chapter 5: My favorites are Baekhyun and Minseok here! They love Kira so much ^^ it's amazing their marriage. She need to give attention & love to all the guys
SelSelss2001 #5
Chapter 5: Thank you for the update and happy new year ~~
I'll be waiting for your next update ^^
Chapter 5: Happy new year !! And tanks for the update!;》
flower99 #7
Happy new year 2 you too?!!! I'll wait for the next chapter...
16 streak #8
Chapter 5: I know what you mean author-nim its so sad he passes he is well love star, he is my bias in shinee too. I just hope sm release the songs he made specially the mv he shoot before passing.
vujuha #9
Chapter 4: yes yes this stories fill my empty heart.When you can have more why would you fight with love triangles or quadruples.I always have second character syndrome with those stories.This is just hella good.
asdfghjkl_jpg #10
Chapter 4: So sweeeettt. I always love reading OT12 x OC stories. LIKE YASSSSS.