It was the year 2039, and Yifan wasn't quite living anymore.  

But that didn't mean he loved Zitao any less.


Tags:  Zombie!AU, Established relationship (married)

Warnings!:  Character death, depictions of gore/violence

Influenced in part by the videogame Last of Us.  (I only just realized that)



Yifan never had to come back.  He could have taken their car and never looked back.

But he had sworn a vow, on that wedding ring, on that warm smile, on those loving eyes.

...and although Yifan's not quite living anymore, that doesn't stop whatever is left of him from remembering - 

Find him.

Protect him.

Save Zitao.




to love and cherish

Chapter One:

for better, for worse

Chapter Two:

to have and to hold

Chapter Three:

in sickness and in health

Chapter Four: (100%, editing)

til death do us part



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Translations with my consent:

Vietnamese / Yukina_Shawol




Okay I'm back and I'm writing :))))


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Shine021 #1
Chapter 5: Amazing story!
mistymountains 109 streak #2
Nice story!
minyoungunnie #3
Chapter 5: How am I supposed to sleep now?!
Ma feelsss T^T
173 streak #4
Chapter 5: Very original story ❤
I love this
It's awesome <3333
forsakingfaith #6
Chapter 5: Hi, I'm aware this is old but I really want to know more about the Changed!! What are they really and how did they come about? My own theory is that Earth was so polluted by people that the Changed came about as a way to get rid of evil humans and once the process was done, the Changed turn to trees so that Earth can restart again - sort of like the Noah 's Ark story you know?? But there are always survivors like Tao who became darker because of their ordeal and so, evil will continue to propagate in the 'new' world, hence it's a cycle that continues and Earth will restart again somewhere in the future. But it's just my theory!! I'd love to know what the original thought behind the Changed idea!!
emina888 #7
Chapter 5: I don't even know where to start explaining how beautiful this is. Thank you! #LoveWins <3
Chapter 5: Great change in the end
I find the fiction is impressive for it is blurred like music in impressionism period: doesn't have theme, every parts own equal importance, let the audience imagine between space
Plot is so so, but the outstanding point is description!
Chapter 4: it starts with chill and warm mood
In the end, I can see how much Tao love Kris
Chapter 3: can't expect
just let feeling lead me to the end